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FW13 WANT Les Essentiels de la vie

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WANT Les Essentiels de la vie: FW13
Leather bags and accessories

Classic styles, excellent quality, fair pricing, pleasing (yet functional) aesthetic, and a hint of seasonal color make FW13 definitely worth a look. I had a chance to discuss the collection with WANT designers Byron and Dexter Peart at Pitti.

What I like: I liked what I saw both physically and conceptually. Physically, the bags were very well made and aesthetically pleasing. Quality of the leather and hardware were good, size and layout were well planned and functional, and the range of styles in the collection ensured one could get bags for business, travel, or casual use with a similar DNA.

Conceptually, I liked that Byron and Dexter had put a lot of thought into, literally, EVERY stitch and pocket of the bag. They didn't simply make a bag they thought would be popular; instead, they tried to make a great bag... period. There is a reason for, and they can explain, everything about it: why this pocket had to be put here, why this handle is this length and rolled instead of flat, why this lining is this fabric as opposed to that one. As a bag connoisseur myself, I enjoyed that intensity of vision and commitment to one's work. Having talked to many bagmakers at Pitti and elsewhere, this intensity and knowledge are rare.

What's new for FW13: Great hints of seasonal color ranging from a deep plum to green to some silkscreen nylons added some flare to the standard collection. The plum is especially interesting and should be seen in person; it's less "purple" than you might expect and more functional than you might imagine. Likewise, the silkscreen prints on the nylon give a refreshing and playful feel when used on classic bags otherwise available in standard cotton or leather.

Overall: In a supersaturated market like leather goods, WANT has managed to make a niche for itself in a short time for good reason: the designers are smart and know what they want, and want to give that to customers. Customers know what is a good value and worth the price, and what is just a brand name. Given that WANT provides good bags at a reasonable price with high quality and nice details, I can't wait to see as the collections continue to grow.


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Thanks for that, Rach - very interesting. Their products look nice and well-made.
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I'm a huge fan of WANT Les Essentiels. Own the Hartsfield and Deurne 48 hour bag. Great quality, craftsmanship, and detail.
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Hot Damn.

I'll take one of everything sans the tote in the last picture.
Some very nice offerings this year.
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I really like WANTS designs but always hesitate because of the branding. Maybe i just need to get over it and give them a shot.
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Branding? What bothers you?
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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post

Branding? What bothers you?

+1. I'm usually a fan of no logos whatsoever, but I don't find the WANT branding egregious. In fact, in some cases, I like the contrasting or hint of color it adds to the front of an otherwise minimal bag. And, unlike LV or Prada, it's not a brand enough people know that the branding becomes obvious or annoying.
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what did you think of the backpack?

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