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I used to live in Shanghai and had a number of suits and jackets made at WW Chan, all of which I was extremely happy with. As others have said Shanghai is not a franchise and the owner of the business now (Peter Chan) sits in Shanghai. Peter used to be at the Maoming Road shop and is excellent. He has a great eye, very friendly and helpful attitude and is a real gentlemen. If anyone is having a suit made at Chan in Shanghai I would recommend that you only do so with Peter.


Just moved to HK and needed some new suits made so decided to try WW Chan in HK. What a difference! Staff are totally useless here and clueless. It's been 3 months now and I have not even had one suit done properly. I'm going back for what I hope is my final fitting tomorrow. The last time I went in I yelled at everyone there since I felt that they were just not making any effort and brushing off my concerns and they finally seem to be doing something about their shoddy work (the first shirt they made for me was so tight I could barely breathe yet they claimed it was "fitted"). No one seems to be in charge when Arnold Wong is not around and Arnold and Patrick seem to be more interested in their trips to the US rather than staying in the HK store and providing customers locally with good service.


Overall, shocking customer service and tailoring for supposedly one of the best tailors in HK. I am lucky I live here and won't take their product till I am 100% satisfied but after this order (2 suits and 8 shirts) I am going to go across the road to try Ah Man Hing Cheong.

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W.w. Chan has a great brand name and when you go to their trunk shows in NYC, they come across as very client friendly. I ordered a suit that cost more 2k usd. After 3 or 4 wears, the pants split down the middle, not just the stitching. All embarrassment aside, when I called them up to talk to them the first thing I was told was that it will cost me 700 usd to replace those pants. When I expressed my displeasure , they gave me an offer of 300 usd replacement charge and said this is a "special offer" or take a hike.

In between I had placed an order of 2 more suits, which I have cancelled, and am following up with my credit card co. I highly doubt I will get a refund, but will never do business with such establishments who rip off their clients. Extremely displeased !!!!!!!!!!
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