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Damnit that looks so good. Makes me want to sell everything else and just buy/wear that every day
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2012 hotsausage much better than 2013 hotsausage II, if only because the knit cuffs on the new one are ugly to me.  garden print better than woods print (not keen on geisha or chinese) and I'd like to track down the vest in garden if at all possible.  Will also take any leads on a 2012 hotsausage in any colorway.  That Korean site wouldn't get back to me after a few emails but the grey one looks much better than the black/burberry I was chasing after anyway.


The fur lined MA-1 is killer but for the kind of money it will probably be I would just go with Yves Salomon, which I'm trying to do anyway.

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Chinese carpet

Garden carpet

Woods carpet

Garden down


Garden Twingbag

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Horizonball is so legit.

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Honey, does this horizonball make me look fat?
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A personbag is the kind of thing you didn't know you needed but will be happy to own

Material: 100% cotton, personenprint
size: h190 x w70cm

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Reversible, fur lined

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So the VFILES shop is selling this stuff
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Re: the 2012 grey hotsausage - you should email the paris or berlin shops - I saw it at their last private sale and think they still have it. I've found they are very helpful when looking for past season stock, although not on their website. If you are lucky they might still have it in Berlin or Paris. Same with the garden vest and the hoodjackets, they have them!

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They doubled the price of the climate confusion hammock to 10,000 euro :( my dreams are crushed

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