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BLESS Fall / Winter 2013

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Fall / Winter 2013-2014

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While potato salad, tea and fruitcake graced the large dining table, it took some time to spot the fashion collection, most of which was worn by the barbecue guests.

There were printed tapestry motifs on down jackets with matching trousers, produced by Crescent Down Works, the U.S. company that normally lends its talent to sportswear but reportedly had “a lot of fun” with the coltish outfits.

As if on cue, the label presented the “hot sausage” look, an elaborate cape-in-coat construction, which rolled up to become a voluminous scarf when unzipped on the sides.

But perhaps the most charming piece was a heavy-knit sleeveless jumper, called “the horizon ball,” which took its name from the generous volumes it offered, matched with braided leather ankle boots. Both items were hand-knitted from a reflective yarn that glows by night and changed color when photographed — which was exactly what the guests were up to.

“We never really have a theme; things just come together,” explained Desiree Heiss, one of Bless’ creative directors, before dashing off to get some guacamole for her grilled meat.
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I c u longchamp bag. I always love how Bless does their shows, always seems to come off like a family gathering/reunion or something

Oh man. I want the hoodjacket and the garden vest.
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i knew a fellow that did a show for them, said it was plenty of fun indeed.
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the bag of infinite entertainments


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Hot Sausage 2012 in action

Modeled by a young twnsprt (pre 4est)

I wasn't a fan of the one with the Burberry-like scarf 4est wanted to pick up but this one above is great (maybe in black though).

Hot Sausage 2013 has the rug though
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Prints galore. Geisha print and hoodjacket look cool. Wanted the green hoodjacket from this winter but none in my size.
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Hoodjackets are super hard to find at a reasonable price. Still kinda sad I tipped Kelv off on that white one in M a few years back. Shoulda bought it myself. regrets
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Geisha print is really really nice
Crescent Down print kinda looks like the Monro stuff
Fur lined MA-1
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These pictures just reinforce that 4est needs to get the hot sausage. The "jickjack" on Gloria looks great, really want to see an up-close picture of it. Also, I do love the gray they are using for the hoodcoat/hoodjacket this season (want the hoodjacket so bad)
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^was going to post pretty much the same thing. Hoodjacket is a must-have and Gloria's jickjack looks killer too but need to see more photos.
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You guys stay away from my hoodjacket

Geisha print is awesome but I always feel a little weird wearing people's faces
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I want a hot sausage inside me.  Or the other way around is fine too.  Any place to get last season's grey one?

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Friggin' hoodjacket looks phenomenal.

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