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Dress Shoe under 150$ - Toronto

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I am going to be graduating soon and i've an interview next month. I am kind of on a tight budget for a dress shoe under 150$. I would prefer a shoe that i can wear with a suit as well as in business casual environment. I am just looking to buy only one for the time being.


What kind of shoe that i should buy? I would appreciate suggestions.


I've searched around here and on some online stores, would a shoe like the one linked below be fine?

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I scoured this link for you

The only pair that remotely fulfills your needs and price range will be the Florsheim Jefferson $225.00 on sale >> $157.50 (plus taxes) You'll need another $30 to reach them. Buy these shoes.
Buy them in Black and if they are out of stock, go for the dark red.
Either colour can be worn with a suit or casually.
When you have funds afterwards, buy a pair of shoe trees for them.
If you cannot afford shoe trees, stuff newspaper in them after each wearing.
These shoes will need some break in so be prepared to suffer for 2 weeks of wear. After that, they should be comfortable with no further issues.

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just saw those in person the other day and they're quite acceptable.
if you have / sign up for a Bay card i think they give you 15% off too

OP I'm in a similar boat and there's simply not much to look at, and my budget's closer to $250-300!
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MC..have you checked out Davids Shoes lately?
Also, I wonder what is happening at Brooks Brothers.
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I have actually, went into the one at Bay/Bloor maybe a week ago. There were a few good items, still some sales shoes left, though not much for me (7.5-8). They carry a few nice Italian brands I don't see around too often and a few of their house brand shoes look ok. They do have plenty of garbage though so gotta dig through all that.
I also worked through the Harry's sales rack that's still up, I think from Xmas. Actually some pretty good ones there, of what's left. So that may be worth checking out, though I didn't find much for under $300/350.

Edit to add - had a very 'salesy' guy working with me and didn't like the experience... I suggest to go to Adam, the young, shortish (sorry bud) white guy who looks a little #menswear-ish, he's nice and I think he's good. I've worked with him before.
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