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Rate my shoe purchase

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Hello SF'ers,


I had just recently ordered my first pair of "quality" dress shoes and am excited to get it delivered. They are Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza's and I was quite pleased with the reviews regarding their build and quality, especially if acquired at a discounted price from MSRP. I'm looking at expanding my shoe collection in the near future, so certainly any feedback or comments are more than welcome - I'm still fairly new with having an "eye" for the styles, but I do generally like the 'sleeker' look of italian shoes (though I do like a couple of AE's as well).


The shoes look like:

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Have just the thing for ya....

As for an evaluation of the shoes you just purchased... are you looking for approval here? Serious.
Otherwise my personal opinion, well sure, welcome to real dress shoes I guess and it's good you have an interest and some budget for them. The ones you've selected are ok, I don't think they're great. Open style laces like that are a bit more casually traditionally speaking and all the features (area on side of laces, the wingtip, etc) all seem overly large and all the double stitching seems clunky, etc. But hey, that's just my opinion. You'll be better dressed than most out there so good job as a start there...
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They're great shoes.  You made a good purchase.  Wear them well.

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I personally think this is pretty decent for a first shoe purchase, especially you have got the right size and width. Hope you have also grabbed a pair of lasted shoe tree.
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7 out of 10... Not bad for a first purchase. +1 on the trees.
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Thanks for the responses and the link for the great thread, Master-Classter. Yes, in a sense I am looking somewhat for "approval" - But not only that though, as I want to constantly improve my eye for fashion, by listening to other's opinions as well in identifying some basis for what is acceptable and not as acceptable. This is all new to me, and I believe that we all gotta start somewhere - so I definitely still have a lot of reading and participating in discussions to do.
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I don't think you will find lasted shoetrees for those? A decent pair of non-lasted trees will do fine. You can get them for less than $25
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I quite like those. Look solid. A bit like Bally scribe.
I shudder to think what my first pair of 'quality shoes' were...
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Correct, I didn't think so as well when I tried looking (though it certainly would be ideal), which is why I just got a generic Rochester shoe tree for these.
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