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Originally Posted by Master Squirrel View Post

Damn! I was hoping for a shall v. peak duel!

Trivium battle royale.

I prefer the cummerbund vs. waist coat duel!
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Originally Posted by Cuttingboard View Post

Gotcha...thanks for the clarification. I've thought wrong all these years...oh well. That's the last time I listen to a stripper! shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post

If you're willing to go over by a few hundred, I would get a bespoke tux from Ercole. Otherwise, Manolo Costa in NYC is about $1,700.


Whatever you choose to do, veer towards getting something custom made.


I'm a fan of midnight - I have a three-piece tux made with Smith Woolen's midnight blue mohair.


From what I've read about Ercole is that they tend to err on the traditional side of styling, especially on a first commission. Have you found that to be the case?


Especially with a tux I want to go more contemporary (higher armholes etc.)

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Shawl midnight blue DB for maximum style points.
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did you end up making a purchase? I'm in SF as well and looking for a tux in the $1-3k range. Any advice?

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