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Thanks, man.  So I probably wouldn't recognize her... assuming she has hair in In America.
NavyStyles (great name, by the way), You would recognize her; she doesn't have much more hair than before. But she sure can act. So, are you able to turn off your analytical mind when watching a movie? I come from an extensive theatre background, and it's very hard for me to watch movies without analyzing the acting choices that the actors are making from moment to moment. Can be very disrupting to simply enjoying a movie. Curious phenomena. Anyone see the movie "Sliding Doors" years ago, with Gwyneth Paltro? (I don't mean, did you go to the movie with Gwyneth; I mean, she was in the movie). Fascinating movie and premise.
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Saw In America today, thanks to the miracle that is video on demand. I enjoyed it very much - very emotional. The Irish immigrant thing is secondary to the story, and those two little girls are just too cute for words.
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