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Another "Does this fit me" Thread

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Apologies for the new thread on this but I don't think the tailoring thread is getting too much spotlight and I actually have time to return this if it doesn't fit right. 


I just got a new blazer and 'thought' it fit me great but upon further inspection, I don't believe it does. I love the pattern, I hope it fits. and if not, I hope it's alterable. I want a slim yet timeless look and I think this might be able to provide that.


I'm noticing it's a little bigger under the armpits, the wrinkles in the back and back of the arm, and that it's not very slimming. I'm 6', 175lbs so I don't really have a gut. The jacket is a 40r. Maybe I'm a 38r?


Is this alterable at all? I thank everyone ahead of time for their help. And, again, I apologize for the thread if it offends anyone that I separated from the Tailors Feedback.








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I'm no tailor but I would say 1) there is a little excess room in the back for your lats and 2) the armholes are maybe a little low - slimmer cuts often have higher armholes.

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Mr jester I saw your pm....
This can be altered. To really get it close to perfect will require a skilled hand for sure.
Can't really raise the armholes so much but every area near the armholes can be taken in. Around the blades you'd take the side seams in right up thru the armhole. Take in the center back seam a bit as well from the upper back tapered into the seat will collectively clean up the back. Next step is to suppress the front darts which will give shape to the front and give you the appearance of having more chest. Next we slim, shorten, and rotate the sleeves forward slightly. That part really requires a good hand because the armhole on the jacket will become smaller than the sleeve hole. Not easy to remount.
Total cost? Depends on the tailor. I'd charge a good bit for that but it would look good when done. And yes, the plaids would be thrown off...hope that's not a concern
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