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help picking out a new cologne!

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hey there, I am new to the forum and I was just wondering if you guys/gals would help me find a new cologne for 2013(yes i know its kind of three months too late but hey!), I went to Macy's recently and my senses just can't pick up the scent I would like, mainly because there are 50 other colognes being sprayed at a time. I also don't know what kind of scents I would like, most of the time I just pick one out because I like it. 


so here is my list and hopefully someone can help me pick a new one with the ones I already own:


- Acqua Di Gio ( love love love ) - on my third bottle

- ck free - on my second bottle

- Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme - had for over 2 years and only used 1/4th

- Guess Seductive (not really my favorite, kind of too strong) - barely used in the last year

-  Lacoste Pure (the white one) - used about 10% of it so far


any help will be appreciated ^_^

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Acqua Di Gio is pretty much a perfume. Light and citrusy. Won't last long and everybody has a bottle. I'm not an expert but my first thought is to always avoid it for those reasons.


Right now I like Allure Homme. Looking into something from Hugo Boss too. Not too overpowering, good life, and get the job done. Always lots of compliments.

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