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If I remember correctly, Damir was a Helmut Lang fan and to me it really shows in those first few collections (especially fall 2008 + 2009).

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The first three collections are really good IMO, then he loses me.  Interesting because I feel like the rest of you like the ones after that.

You might be in the minority here on SF but I think people that got interested in DD when he started share your opinion for the most part. The "wtf is Damir doing" thing predates the last couple of collections and is the kind of criticism that's been leveled at Damir since fall 2010 or so, right after he introduced his egg-shaped stuff actually.
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spring 08 reminds me of soloist. thanks sipang for uploading everything



I can see that. That collection looks amazing. There wasn´t a look in it I didn´t love or wanted to own fully.

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I think the early damir fans have moved on to boris mostly. Actually, BBS fw13 reminds me of early damir in some ways.
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Fall 2010

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Spring 2011

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I absolutely loved FW2010 - and spring 2011 too, to an extent. In way those two collections are the "top of the Damir game," in my mind - coherent, lustrous, luscious, dramatic, romantic....unapologetic stuff, certainly, but really beautiful .
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that rack of devil red up above... seriously, some of the tight looks in that show really do remind me of devil costumes. can't tell if I think it's ballsy or just nuts (sorry, puns). atelier's spring buy is nice, by the way. do wish they would break out of the all black/white mold though.
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now ? i don't know, might as well go to pitti ...


Damir Doma has been announced as the women's wear designer guest for PITTI W N°12, for June 2013 in Florence, Italy
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I hope he'll strike a pensive pose next to the wall
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I think some of the women's line looks interesting, Men's line is disappointing. not trash but not worth pursuing and hunting down. some of the old stuff is just excellent (right)

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but feel like I'd get a better response here: does the Damir webstore ever hold sales? Also I'm very confused by the fit of the Pacal linen trousers from SS13, the photos on the webstore look completely different to the ones I've seen on LN-CC.

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I've been stalking all the drop crotch pants and there are some weird listings on ln-cc and similiar (legit) sites. For instance there's a listing for pacal pants and linen pacal pants somewhere, separate at different prices, but with the same pics.

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on LN-CC...

the color is slightly different, but both are 66% linen

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