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Doesn't seem like you need much product for the mafia hairstyle.

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doesn't seem like you need much hair for the mafia hair style

j/k. so you're saying you need a product with high hold and probably high shine, and then you want a pretty short haircut, and just slick it all back.
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Exactly, and if I don't slick
It back then I can probably wear it straight up. So should I cut it short on the sides, and short at the top, but more hair at the top aswell?
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If you really want the whole "Michael Corleone in part 3" look, then actually show a picture of it to you're barber instead of just trying to describe it to them.

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my hair does absolutely nothing without product in it.  it basically falls straight forward and a little to the side.  so for the past 10 years or so i have kept it short on the sides (#2 usually) and a bit longer on the top and used a little bit of B&B Sumotech or Redken Men Texture Control putty to give the top some texture.


this summer i let the top grow out and i really like the look...the top is about 3.5" and blended into the sides which are buzzed with a #2.  i style it with a bit of quiff in the front.  the dilemma however, is what to do with it when at the beach.  when dry and product free my hair looks terrible. it falls straight forward and has no life to it.  i can wear a hat but i'm just curious what some other guys do in similar situations.

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At the beach w a hat, i'll do a tiny topknot underneath the hat sometimes until it dries.
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my hair definitely isn't long enough for a top knot

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i'm at less than 3.5" right now but can gather the front of it together and band it off when it's wet (or just when it's acting up) to kind of reset its verticality.

if you put product in at some point before going to the beach, when you dry off after getting in, what happens if you give your hair a towel rub? for me, it shoots 80% back up.
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Originally Posted by GlennErikFlaten View Post

Hello everyone! I tried to ask the same question in the "official" hair thread but didn't help, 'cause I got no reply.
Anyway here it goes:

How can I get a stereotypical mafia hairstyle? Either that or something like that or Michael Corleone Part 3 hairstyle?
What hair products? Pomade, gel, normal wax? Brylcream? How to tell the lady at the barber to cut it?

Surely you mean part II, and not part III?

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If I asked for an undercut and left the top as is or long, what can I expect?


Google has a bunch of photos but I'm curious what is perceived. 


Got long hair now that is giving me an Asian afro, sticks out at the sides and falls down at the top. Or if I use product the sides still stick out but the top is very voluminous without any texture.

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@gettoasty, are you asking how people with such a cut feel about it or what they've found out about it while having it?
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I was more curious how to ask for it at a barber and what one can expect if never rocking the type of hairdo before. 


I can Google for some images but I'm not even sure whether I am looking at the correct hairdo type.


Generally, I do prefer a shaved side with longer top. I ended up getting a 2 on the side and faded higher up. I may go with a 2.5 or 3 next time because my face is already long enough and I feel the shorter side exaggerate this. 

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I wouldn't go straight for an undercut. YMMV. It's a pretty high maintenance and difficult to transition out of if you don't like it - even if your hair grows ridiculously quickly like mine.
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Two and a half weeks into beard growth, things are getting itchy.

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I´m like 3 months in, no real itch, fortunately. I look like a vagrant, though.

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