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Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post

^^^ this. I like wholecuts but with the absence of any design details to draw the eye, the eye is drawn to the creases, nicks, flaws, etc that the shoe picks up during its lifespan. The cap of the captoe is such a strong design element that it draws the eye and you don't notice the other stuff.
Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

Wholecuts look great when they are brand new and unworn. I find they look increasingly unattractive as they pick up more wear...

I think the seam of the cap toe provides a pivot for the toe of the shoe to bend around. So, a cap toe shoe will accumulate fewer lines or creases in the leather relative to a smooth toe or a whole cut.
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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

I think you missed my point. It wasn't anything to do with the aesthetics of the length of the shoe or how far they protrude from the trousers and I don't where you got that idea from. It was to do with construction and whether my experience of compression in the vamp this was likely to be a general problem with captoes in smaller sizes. I was hoping to hear from someone who actually knew about shoe construction, but this may not be the most appropriate thread. 

Apologies for misunderstanding your intent. It became clearer over the course of the thread; your original post and the title of this thread didn't seem very clear.

I know just a little about construction, so maybe more educated members can comment more. But from your comment about having small feet and therefore captoes not being ideal for you, well there's no link. Young men in Korea or Japan are among the most stylish in the world, and yet they can rock small-size captoes just fine. It's a simple shoe, but with some nice touches like a well-shaped last, some subtle antiquing, etc, it can be both unique and comfortable.

Which shoes do you wear? Bruno Magli is not really a great shoe in my book, even if they have a "Platinum" or Diamond line.
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Originally Posted by usctrojans31 View Post

Before I commit SF blasphemy and have Spoo, Foo, Vox, Manton, and others, descend onto me in a sea of rage, I want to give you all time to change my mind and sell me on the allure of the cap toe. I find the look obtuse and can't seem to get past it. When it comes to a shoe, I prefer a wholecut to a cap toe, and don't think that I am alone.

I have used C&J as an example and the 348 last for both photos, so that we compare apples to apples. To me, the Alex is just a much nicer shoe, with a suit, or with a sweater.

So my challenge to you: sell me on a cap toe.

In addition to captoes, I dislike wholecuts.
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Originally Posted by gambit50 View Post

OP cannot be helped. I would quote GC Rota but that would be pointless.

I... did not expect to see Gian-Carlo Rota name-checked on SF, much less that particular classroom quote. This made my day.

OP: Other people's opinions only matter regarding things you would wear.
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