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Last October I had two pairs of flat front pants made for me by a tailor. After almost two months I got them and they were too tight in the legs and groin area. I sent them back to my tailor twice and they were still too tight, with only marginal improvements. My tailor then remeasured me and admitted to making a mistake by 2 inches in my thigh area, and said he would fix the problem with the two pairs of pants I have, and also give me a new pair. I asked for a pair with pleats for more room. After another 2 months I just got the flat front pants back and they are better, but still a little tight for my comfort. You can see the outline of the bottom of my pockets through my pants, and I pointed this out and was told this is what happens with flat front pants with a thinner fabric. Is this right?

At this point I give up with this guy. The pants were doomed from the start with wrong measurements, and now they have been let out so many times they don't even lay right in my groin area.

Is it worth trying to take these pants to a seamstress or should I just count these as a sunk cost after so many alterations?

I have larger thighs, so at least I have learned pleats work better for me!