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The Flat Head

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I'd like to see what these look like after say, 6 months. I can only find photos of new pairs.
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I doubt anyone has been wearing them that long, since they've been a relatively recent discovery. I received mine mid February from 2nd--Self Edge was out of stock in my size--and I have been wearing them daily since then. I don't wear them very hard, although in the right light I can see a really nice purple tint to the faded areas, and the "traintracks" are coming in stronger than most. Also, it should be noted that there is not the same vertical falling as other Flat Head models. But hey, ringring gave the seal of approval to its denim quality. I've imported several pairs of Japanese denim in the past, and these are by far my favorite. The fit is perfect, especially in the seat and thighs (although my girlfriend doesn't like the trouser cut's hem width). Highly recommended.
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hey, thanks for the info, I'd love to see a photo of the wear on yours. I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair but just want to see the fading first.
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Unfortunately, I left my camera out of town after traveling this weekend. Maybe someone else can upload some photos. Though I hope you end up getting them regardless! The 5100s also have great little details like having the coin pocket large enough to hold a cell, and vivid but unobtrusive golden-yellow stitching. It makes me happy to know that with BiG, SE, and SF collaborations, we're going to see even more slim, modern cuts produced with the great denim and craftsmanship of the Japanese industry.
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Official website:

Available in America at Self-Edge.

Please post any relevant information or questions in this thread.
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Unless I've totally missed something, I don't understand why people never link to this:
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Originally Posted by tljenkin View Post
Unless I've totally missed something, I don't understand why people never link to this:

I forgot about that! Good call.
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Flat Head 3001 size 29 x 36 11 months, 5 washes, 3 soaks
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^^^^^ Awesome.

I've been wearing a pair of Full Counts around for about eight months now, cold soaked once, and I barely have any wear at all. Things are like iron. Either that or my lifestyle is just incredibly soft. Probably a bit of both.
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Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan View Post

Indeed. Those look awesome.
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My next pair is likely going to be from The Flat Head. I want to get something with a beastly inseam length also.
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I got some 5100's that are practically brand new that I am hoping to get nicely worn in... but those 3001's are sick!
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got a pair of F380s from SE a few weeks back. just plain awesome jeans, great denim and awesome construction. no significant wear yet, but that's only a matter of time. every time i wash my hands a shitload of indigo comes off.
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