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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

how does one secure a bottle of pappy 23? serious question

Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Auctions probably? There's a handful of places that I can think of that might be able to source some for me, but it wouldn't be cheap (haven't seen any under $200 in a long time).

Yeah, I'm not sure. From the meager tastes I've had, I preferred the 20 (more "magical," or something). The way my restaurateur friend explained it to me (not that this is the One Truth, I'm sure other people know more) is that you basically can't - most are sourced by bars immediately, I guess, so yeah, probably auction. I've read about wait lists, 1000$ bottles, etc etc. I know the odd liquor store will carry it, but I've no idea when "release" is, and I'm pretty sure it all gets purchased immediately.

So, like, let us know.

TOG, it's just the glass
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Yeah... I've had the van winkle, which was excellent, but they were charging 60 for a shot of the pappy... too rich for my blood
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post

I fully support this thread and hope to be an active participant.

I know about a good deal of teh craft beers, as well as italian and french wines. I can seriously help anyone with real budget italian wines like $10 - to find some good stuff...

Some UK bargain wine (and beer!)knowledge would be great. I don't recognize anything, and usually end up grabbing from the shelf randomly.
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old rip van winkle distillery used to have spring and fall shipments of their line.  this year there will only be a fall shipment, which according to the distillery, will make product more readily available.  we'll seee..


as for finding a bottle, you'll be over paying when and if you find any of the PVW line.


if you're looking for similar wheated bourbons that are just as good, look at w.l. weller 12 year.  like i stated in my post, it holds up to the van winkle line except for probably the 20 and 23 year.  if you want to go more exclusive for a present, jefferson's presidential select 18 year is excellent.  if you can find a bottle of 17 year, that's a little better, but it's a ghost bottle, just like PVW.  


i was lucky enough to have picked up 2 bottles of 15 for reatail last year, but there's no way i'm paying the ridic prices the line is going for these past couple of years.  it wasn't even 5 years ago when you can go to a good liquor store and pick up the whole line at any given time and pvw 15 was retail for ~$50. don't get me wrong though, the PVW is arguably one of the best examples of wheated bourbon, but with the money you WOULD be spending there are other bourbons of many styles you can try.

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So, I've been infusing bourbon with butter recently. It comes out amazing.

750 ml bourbon
2 sticks unsalted butter

Brown butter in a pan, let cool. Pour bourbon into a bowl, pour butter into bourbon. Let sit covered overnight. Then place in freezer and let sit for 2 hours. Remove any pieces of butter that congeal, and use a coffee filter to filter the rest of it.

Makes a great old fashioned, bourbon and coke (tastes like butterscotch) or drinks straight. Particularly popular if you have any lady guests wink.gif
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Almost any Chianti that has a 'D.O.C' or 'D.O.C.G' labeled attached to it will be pretty solid to eat with your pizza and pasta. (DOCG has more strict standards than DOC), and you should be able to get them relatively cheap.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

If our friend does not know how to make us a Dry Martini, an Old Fashioned, or even a Sazerac, we do not snub them.

The Sazerac is one of my favorite cocktails. It's pretty much a perfect year-round drink. For those who don't know, it originated in New Orleans, and it's basically the city's signature drink. I think it also claims to be America's first homegrown cocktail (go 'murica). If you go to NO, skip wandering down the street with a hurricane in a plastic bucket; go get a real drink. People have tons of opinions on where the best one is (Google will help, and here's a quick roundup from the Times Magazine that also includes where to find one in NYC). Incidentally, it's not one of the go-to spots but one of the best I had was at Cafe Atchafalaya in the Garden District (great brunch there, too). There are variations on how to make the drink, and it's not always easy to make a great one since Herbsaint, one of the ingredients, isn't in most people's liquor cabinets. But if you want to do it right, here's the recipe. While it's best to use Herbsaint and Sazerac rye, I find that using any good rye and substituting something more available for the Herbsaint still makes a good drink.

I'm also a big fan of caipirinhas in the summer (sou brasileiro). I keep a bottle of cachaça, a sort of Brazilian rum that is the drink's main ingredient, in the freezer and then just whip one up in two minutes whenever I feel like it. The traditional version entails muddling the limes right in the glass, but that leaves a ton of pulp and can make it hard to drink. It also calls for too much sugar and covers up the flavor of the cachaça, which I happen to like a lot. I do mine like this (by the way, it costs me less than $2 per drink because I buy cheap cachaça, so it's even cheaper than beer and still tastes great):

In a highball glass, mix...
Two shots of cachaça (preferably already chilled)
The juice of 1/2 - 1 whole lime
One teaspoon of sugar
A little water just so it isn't too overpowering (if you use simple syrup rather than straight sugar that's probably enough water)

I'm also a big tequila fan and am on the lookout for a good tequila drink to make at home that ISN'T a margarita. I like margaritas, but sometimes it's much more sweet than I want, and again, all the sugar covers up the taste of the tequila. So any recs are much appreciated.
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I used to order caipirinhas all the time in Barca, probably one of my favorite drinks.  I'll give that a shot since I tried the traditional recipe and wasn't a fan.

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I haven't had a drink in about 20 years but I fully support the tone and '*ahem* spirit of this thread. Have fun ungentleman.
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you know what's fucking nasty but i still can't drink enough of it? soju. those 300 ml green bottles will ruin me one day.
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I might be an asshole for saying this, but I feel like any rum based drink can use tequila as a pretty decent and interesting substitute... Well maybe not any, but most? I'll test this theory out this weekend.
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Tequila and coke is pretty nasty
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tequila is pretty nasty
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Tequila and sprite is pretty good though.
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