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haha shit heyyyy jetdawg in the motherfucking houssssssse

/dj quik
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post

current meager line up, sorry for chopped onions in the background, it was taco time icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

a friend of a friend made this for cider moonshine, tastes like a fucking apple pie, incredibly potent, drank a small mason jars worth and felt like I'd experience head trauma. Awesome. And yes thats' a little heirloom apple floating in there.

a different friend got me this for my birthday.

anyone who knows me (or follows my instagram feed) knows that I consume enough craft beer to be considered by some to be kind of an alcoholic), right now I am very depleted but I've been saving this bad boy for a minute.

edit: oh god the corona case is visible in that last picture. I can explain I swear! shog[1].gif one of my roommates was on tour with his band and we had a frenchman from versaille staying with us...he drank corona. foo.gif

is that a jil metallic turtleneck i spy?
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I like me some good drinks...

The other night beers included:
+ Carton Epic, Bolero Snort Black Lager, Some Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon, plus a bottle of vermentino (yes I threw up the next morning!)

Some various wines i've drank/bought recently (good values):


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My current bar selections:

Gin: Hendrick's, Beefeater, Martin Miller Westbourne Strength, G'Vine Floraison
Vodka: Tito's Handmade, Ketel One
Tequila: Don Julio Blanco, Espolon Reposado
Whiskey: Jameson
Misc: Chambord, Pimm's No. 1

As can be seen be the sheer number of bottles, gin is my drink of choice. Hendrick's is my go-to gin while the rest fill different roles. I'm also planning to pick up The Botanist gin fairly soon.

Does anyone have recommendations on a good brand of bitters?
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my very bourbon-centric bar.  (i'm a bit of a bourbon snob/collector)


the regular/every day pours-


w.l. weller 12 year- as far as wheated bourbons go, this holds up to pretty much everybody's favorite (PVW) except for 20 and 23 year PVW

angel's envy


4 roses single barrel- general release

col. e.h. taylor barrel strength

elmer t lee

elijah craig 12

buffalo trace

evan williams single barrel '03


the good stuffs-

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality

4 roses limited edition small batch '12- won just about every bourbon award last year and lives up to the hype

4 roses limited edition small batch '11

jefferson presidential select 18 year

4 roses single barrel private selection barrel strength (obsk- high rye/spicy yeast)

4 roses single barrel private selection barrel strength (oesk- low rye/spicy yeast)


other liquors- 

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


1800 silver

canadian club


martin miller's westbourne strength- this is a great gin


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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post


did you do some spherification or is that just the glass
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

i only know two things, one time this fellow opened a bottle of wine he found in his cellar (he owns a vineyard in Port-Vendres). It dated back to 1904. The sweetest aroma of intoxication filled the entire back yard, masking even the steaks that were on the grill. I passed out...

the second thing is that you may have just excluded all the white folks

Hahaha this Chapelle bit is so true. I really do catalogue my drinks, always
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Do we talk about beer here? I know jack shit about non-beer alcohol, but I had all three Rocheforts (6, 8, 10) this past weekend at brunch and it was a great day.
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I'm nursing a sore throat with a hot toddy.
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Some other wines i've had in the past year

This was really good, the aging effect was quite tasty, and smoothed out the wine big time.

Another good value purchase (like $22 a bottle)

Sierra Nevada - always puts out good beers:

The night the power went out and we killed 5 bottles

A really solid italian white
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

Does anyone have recommendations on a good brand of bitters?

Angostura is pretty standard.
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I had a whole summer where my go-to drink was a Ketel one and soda with a couple drops of Angostura bitters in it for flavor. I also remember drinking more nights than not.
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Some more stuff:
Both of these are decent winter beers - not amazing, but wouldn't say no to drink them.

Various bourbons I have bought recently:

Scotch I recently bought:

As sweet as this stuff is - I seriously love it mixed with some pelligrino

Random Vodkas I have on deck + svedka(crappy) + some flavored one my gf bought
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post


We are not gentlemen. We are not dapper. And although some of us may sport a mustache, we are not particularly sober. While we enjoy the occasional speakeasy, we do not need a three-ring-circus involving a bow tie and suspenders to have a good time. Although our favorites range from the oh-so-trendy Last Word to the ever-appropriate French 75, we will drink everything from jungle juice to Jura's Prophecy and Pappy's finest Winkle, occasionally in the same evening. We can be found at dive bars and on dance floors, lounging on rooftop terraces and at poolside bars, as the life of the party or the alluring wallflower.

Ungentlemen, this is where we discuss the drinks that we drink, without the stigma of snobbery attached to us, without the cloud of judgement and classicism that now hovers over many a formerly decent cocktail establishment. We go to bars. We hang out. We shoot the shit. We like a good bartender, and we like a good drink. Some of us like a lot of olives. We may know how to mix a damn good cocktail, but it very often involves more sloshing than measurement, because that is how life works. If our friend does not know how to make us a Dry Martini, an Old Fashioned, or even a Sazerac, we do not snub them. We make it for them, we toast them, and we toast ourselves. Repeatedly. Because there is no time for that sort of bullshit. We appreciate both restriction and moderation. We do not fuck around with our booze.

What we do not do is bro out. We do not take shots of jaeger from the ice luge, though we can accept that, on some occasions, this is both proper and enjoyable. Perhaps if we were still in our teens we would find it enjoyable as well. It is, however, not discussed here. Nor are Irish Car Bombs, Flaming Doctor Peppers, or any stories beginning "This one time, when I was drunk." We will instead opine on microbrews, both foreign and domestic, wax ever-so-slightly philosophical on peaty Scottish drams, and discuss the relative perks of local gins. But we will do so with the open arms of the Streetwear Brotherhood, and we will educate. The foundation of all knowledge is the recognition that we know nothing.

Pictures and recipes (vague or otherwise) are always welcome.

I fully support this thread and hope to be an active participant.

I know about a good deal of teh craft beers, as well as italian and french wines. I can seriously help anyone with real budget italian wines like $10 - to find some good stuff...
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it's usually lionshead or pbr for (always available) beer or my stash of yamazaki 12 year or balvenie 12 year. i should probably expand my tastes beyond beer and whisky
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