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I had a dram of The Glenrothes Select Reserve tonight. Good stuff. On the smoother side with a hint of vanilla and maybe fruit? whatev. I don't know. It was good.





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The start to my in-room mini bar. Will add a nice bottle of Tequila and probably some Rum shortly, will keep the cheap vodka/many beers in the fridge
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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

Can somebody recommend a decent Port that wouldn't be too hard to find?

Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Warre's otima 10

Thanks, Synth, this worked out very well the other night.
Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

You are a lucky guy. That's my favorite bar in the whole wide world. I haven't been in about two years, sadly, but I do love it so. Katy started just as my attendance was tapering off. Their Negroni is my favorite drink.

~ H

I love the Negroni! I prefer the "Tango" Negroni" with the homemade vermouth. If you're ever in CLE again, send me a PM, would love to meet over drinks at VTR.
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VTR is such a great bar. The ramos gin fizz is incredible. A nice, easy 5 minute walk, too.

For home drinking, i've fallen in love with old weller antique 107. Really good wheated bourbon and a great bargain at $22 a bottle. Worth it at almost twice the price if you ask me. Makes a great old fashioned. Would be my go to if i could get it in ohio.
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Glad to hear it! That's one of my favorite eaasy-to-find beverages.
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Was out of Rye.

2 parts Eagle Rare. 1 part Dolin. 2 dashes of each bitter. Homemade cherries.

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Any recommendations for high quality/smooth small batch tequila and rum? $30 and under plz
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retired from the black label for awhile and been drinking amaretto on the rocks lately, goes great with cigars

and if I'm at this bar i been going to lately this bartender who is my best friend all of a sudden makes a mean old fashioned with dickel rye and lemon/orange zests, fucking great and he always serves me quickly no matter how busy he is i love it
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Any recommendations for high quality/smooth small batch tequila and rum? $30 and under plz

I used to have some friends whose parents were always bringing them this incredible stuff from mexico. I have no idea what it was called (something ridiculously unspecific like "Agave," maybe), but I think it was the equivalent of, like, 8$ a bottle or something. Those were the days. Pools, margaritas, sun, sweat, cut grass....

There's a tequila bar in Boulder that attracts all the 35-year-old "young-at-hearts" (terrible scene, terrible music), but they do have some sort of very tasty frozen chili tequila shot. It might involve mangoes.

In regards to the beginner scotch discussion that was happening in RFT, I think glenfiddich 12 and glenkinchie 12 are both good bottles to start out on, in terms of taste and availability (and price). Glenkinchie 12 remains one of my favorites, actually, even though I haven't been drinking much whisky lately. Something about springtime, I guess. A lot of white wine, bad sake, and pastis.

There's something to be said for cooking yourself dinner and having a couple of drinks, too. I do a lot of my best thinking at about 12:30AM after a few glasses. I'm not saying that's something you should do every night, but there's a purity to it, sort of like taking yourself out for dinner. It promotes introspection, maybe, and imagination. I'm a big fan of solitude in general, so I'm probably biased, but I generally think that if you can't stand your own company or entertain yourself; well, it's something to work on. But yeah, open a bottle of wine, cook yourself dinner - try something new, experiment - and enjoy your own company once in a while.
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have friends over for the bruins game. making white sangria w/ reisling, diet sprite, pineapple juice, gin, triple sec and fruits. good stuff!

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asians don't watch hockey

ps btec > vmix
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ha to be honest i only started watching hockey a few years when they won the cup. i have families in canada that are die-hards though.

whatchu talkin bout? vmix is de bomb!
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Had a BBQ at my place yesterday. Wanted something a little out of the ordinary (at least in these parts):

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Dry, sunny and about 70 today, with a real prairie wind. Made myself a spritzer thing, with lemon-lime-basil syrup, gin, and soda. Yum.

made basil+lemon syrup. pretty good with whiskey in it. thanks for the concept dude.
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OK just finished my bottle of Whippersnapper Whiskey (so so good, esp for the price), looking for another sipping whiskey that's interesting, $20-30 price range. Or perhaps bourbon
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