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thanks for response!


I would keep an eye out for the jeans you have for sale :)

I can send you some pictures of them if you wish. Keep in mind that they're in size 30 and in the Fury fit, which is the tapered fit. Message me if you're interested! :)


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The tablet is pretty snug at first. I am normally 33/34 but had to get 36, or so I thought. The waist has stretched tremendously so now I have to wear a belt or my pants will fall down. I should have bought a 34 and let them stretch. I want to get another pair in the Demon cut

PRPS denim tends to stretch a lot, so sizing true to your size or even down one would be ideal. When I got my first pair of PRPS jeans, I ordered them in my normal size, and I thought they were too tight at first, too. However, they stretched out to my liking, and I was glad I didn't size up.