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Barneys Retools Co-op Stores


Barney’s announced that they will rebrand two of their Co-op stores in New York and Los Angeles as simply “Barney’s New York,” as part of a larger effort to redo the entire Co-op store lineup. As part of this effort, Barney’s will close some locations, and the redone New York and Los Angeles locations will drop menswear in favor of designer ready-to-wear, handbags and jewelry.


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The Debate Continues


Mafoofan is very certain that there’s something up with the shoulder line on coats made by Napoli su Misura. Is he right? The debate has grown over the last 24 hours – get yo popcorn ready.


The Minimal Shoe Wardrobe


In this fascinating thread, Manton poses a very un-Styleforum question: what is the minimum shoes needed for a perfectly balanced shoe wardrobe? How many pairs, and in what combination? What rules do you need to follow?


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