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yeah, I'm not so sure about that @Dorje. Seems like that thing is in no man's land -- not really outerwear, not really a shirt. weird proportions for layering. I vote return. 

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Yeah, i give up... thought it would make a good layering piece but it's just kinda awkward. Also, the shoulders don't drape well, they bunch up like the model's left shoulder is doing.


Oh well. It's well made and the fabric is nice so I may try lemaire again sometime.

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This came in today

Really comfortable and fits me great! I like the simplicity and how thick the rollneck is. It is not flimsy and really holds the shape well. Only problem is the right underarm has what looks to be really loose has some gaping that I think will get bigger as the knit ages. Really bummed. Aside from that it is pretty much perfect. Slightly quality control issue I guess. Anyone know whether such a knit pattern is easy to fix? Really considering contacting Mr. Lemaire to see whether it can be fixed.

I also tried on the yak shawl cardigan. Looks great worn together with the rollneck sweater:

I have a size 2 and 3 and still deciding whether to keep one or return both. Much softer and tighter weave than the yak knit sweater FWIW.

Also tried these trousers:
Unfortunately I am not tall enough and gives too pronounce of a carrot shape though I think that is the intention. There is too much fabric around the knee and thigh region. I imagine the proportions balancing out on the correct body.

An entire Christophe Lemaire outfit is pretty cool
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I think you should keep, I was thinking of getting this shirt, something about the muted colors.

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get it

i also like the ochre shirt
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This is a better picture

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^ I have those trousers in this pic. So soft and smooth. Love them

Some poor lit photos of the knit. See the difference in weave? So torn




Being me I already sent an email to CL & team redface.gif
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Doesn't look like that big of an issue unless you got toe nails in your armpits...I mean I've worn my sns paragon probably 15+ times and I haven't had any issue with loose thread even though it has an open weave pattern through out it.
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Yeah I'm going to sleep on it.

@el Bert Pick up that shirt and post an outfit nod[1].gif
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