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I really like his work, just ordered the fw13 collarless wool overshirt from the corner's 40% off sale.


Atelier was $20 cheaper for their 50% closeout sale but sold out in my size. They had a 3 in black for $250 but it's too small... :angry:   I couldn't find any other stock online besides a UK store at near 400 pounds. Not many of his retailers carried a decent amount of his collection.

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Post pic
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I'll dry to post a pic of the coat I picked up. Maybe on thanksgiving day
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Christophe Lemaire alpaca coat
Christophe Lemaire side zip boots






(photo came out dark)
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Coat looks comfortable, assume you're not in a big city as it may be inconvenient for urban streetwear?

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^^^ ....huh?


Oh god that coat is just gorgeous.  I've been looking for something in that silhouette for a while... can't find it in my size though.  


I Handled some of his stuff a few days ago in Brussels - the Hunting and Collecting store - and it really is beautiful (especially the oversized women's kaftan).

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Just thinking about NYC in particular, with no belt or buttons, coat's liable to get caught in subway door. :p 

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Don't you dare shorten it.
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Looks really nice toasty!

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coat-robe is fantastic. where'd you find it toasty?

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Would love to see his stuff in person, anyone stock him in th NW?
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I know totokaelo has womens, no mens though. not sure of anyone else.
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Not sure about keeping the overshirt... it's turning out to be more awkward than cool and doesn't look right with a tee, normal button down, or under a blazer... I think a mandarin collar or deep v-neck so you don't even see the tee works, but the v-neck is not an option for my scarred, hairy chest. It looks ok under a jacket or coat. So the way the corner styled it is the only option I can come up with, IDK... any opinions on how to wear it or should I just return it?


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