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Also, you can pretty much custom order any sort of case you want, as far as I understand. If you want something more low profile for the 801 movement, there is also this:

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I believe it's 42mm, like the Portuguese. The movement is pocket watch sized, at 16 ligne.


Thanks - that is about what I was expecting.  I have a (vaguely) similar piece also housing an American-made pocket watch movemet (Hamilton cal. 917), and while I enjoy the watch very much, I do find it to be on the large side for a dressy / elegant piece.  I have no problem wearing sports watches up to 45mm in diameter, but for a dress watch, I have a decided preference for 40mm or less.  And that preference becomes more pronounced as the retail price increases.


That said, I have nothing but admiration and respect for what Roland has accomplished with this new caliber.  I'd be more likely to purchase it in a sporty flieger-type configuration.

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It would be very difficult finding a Moser for $15,000US.


These timepieces should cost many times what they do.  The quality, beautiful simplicity, and service are outstanding.  All in-house.  I believe they made 1,023 watches last year.  For comparison, Rolex made approximately 980,000.  These are a little off the beaten path but, probably for not much longer.  The CEO has big plans (they're looking to make about 5,000 per year).  Again, all in-house.  Recently had dinner with some of the executives.  I'm not a huge one for openworked movements, however, theirs may just be the most beautiful openworked I've ever seen.  They will be made in very limited quantities.  In addition, I just saw a one of a kind piece - the case is all sapphire chrystal and it is also, obviously, openworked.  Really something.  I once sent an email to the company.  Within a few hours, the response came from the CEO.  Probably answers his own phone.  I like this company and the products.  In fact, since everyone seems to want to compare everything to Patek, I did read an article comparing the Moser perpetual calendar and the Patek.  The author compared the Moser most favorably against the Patek.  Very few retailers and very few pieces at each one.  I wouldn't hesitate.

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