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Bag stuff

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When I'm wearing a suit, I generally take my Longchamp soft-sided case in black leather to work. If I'm wearing jeans, it's usually my trusty black Jansport pack. Lately, I've been considering messenger bags and attache cases, but the contrarian in me resists, as so many guys are carrying them (especially messenger bags). What are you guys carrying with you to work/school? Do you carry certain bags when you're dressed a certain way?
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I typically carry two bags, both below my eyes.
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I carry a thoroughly broken in black leather messenger bag from Wilson's. It's just the simple type with a flap that closes over the bag, and magnetic clasps on the interior of the flap so there isn't any exposed hardware other than the metal that holds the strap to the bag. I suppose if I dressed more formally (my job is nowhere near the suiting type), I would pick up something a little less distressed looking, but as my daily apparel usually includes jeans and an untucked dress shirt, I think this works fairly well.
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I carry two messenger bags. The first is a tan corduroy bag from Rafe new York from a couple of years back. It is a pretty standard messenger bag design, but the color and material are pretty distinctive (I've got lots of compliments in the last couple of years. Well, one guy friend of mine calls it my man purse, but he hasn't been out of free conference and company t-shirts and khakis in about 3 years) It has a flap and two dark leather straps with rivets to keep the flap secure (one of the rivets is broken.) It is piped in the same dark brown leather. The shoulder strap is dark brown, heavy cotton material with a powder blue stripe. There is a silver buckle. The second bag is a dark brown calfskin number by John Varvatos (got it on sale - couldn't really have justified the pricetag otherwise.) It is more of a map case design, longer than it is wide. There are likewise two straps (with snaps) holding the flap in place. There is a smaller, zippered compartment in addition to the larger main compartment, which is partitioned into two. It has a saddlebag style strap (attached at the back rather than the side of the bag) which makes it quite comfortable wearing. Sometimes, for interviews, etc, I'll carry a leather envelope - burgundy calfskin by Longchamps, about 100 years old, but continuingly serviceable.
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I forgot to add that I am nearly always in jeans and a shirt (jacket as the weather requires,) and either bag works. I tend to wear lots of earth tones and more textured clothing. Both bags are both sort of casual, although I imagine that the Varvatos calfskin bag would work with a casual sportsjacket/trousers combo or suit in a heavier or more textured material, like flannel or moleskin. And of course, I only use one bag at a time.
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I've used a Coach briefcase for a couple of years now - it turned out to be a real piece of junk. Based on my experience I'd say avoid Coach at all costs. I just bought an item on ebay that's been on my wish list for a really long time - A Swaine Adeney Brigg briefcase... It should last a whole heck of a lot longer than the Coach did.
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I carry a Filson field satchel to work: Many have commented that it is a heavy bag, but I am pretty confident it will last my lifetime. I carry the suede J Peterman faux mailbag on weekends. Bic
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I carry a Ghurka Cavalier I bag to work usually. I rarely need a briefcase, but when I do, I have a Goldpfeil Oxford briefcase. Once in a while, I'll carry a black leather portfolio by Tanner Krolle.
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I find messenger bags to be nice, but troublesome with work outfits (clothes seem to get wrinkled easily and they can be bulky). I carry a dark brown Bally suede, I guess what you would call a tote but with a more rectangular shape. It has served me well and I really like the shape.   I also have a Prada messenger bag in a lighter brown color made of canvas that I picked up at a sample sale for $250. It has held up well. I use this for my more casual days. Amazingly, I am in need of a black leather carrybag as I do not have one now. I have a Tumi messenger bag from college but I would like to make an upgrade to something in black leather, preferrably a tote type style. Hopefully with these after Xmas sales, I can find something.   I too, have had friends (females) who say Coach quality has declined terribly. I always thought they were a reputable leather retailer but I have heard many others saying this is not the case.
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Well, I'm on the lower end of this, I suppose. I have a soft brown leather Samsonite briefcase, a black leather Kenneth Cole "Porter" bag and a black nylon with brown leather trim Eddie Bauer. I use the last on trips when I'm taking the laptop.
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I have three bags in the rotation: Work / Travel: Black messenger-like bag from Ubiquity Records. Tons of pockets for cell, iPod, cords & cables plus two large inside sections: one for the laptop, one to hold up to 20 - 25 LP's. Formal Work: Chocolate Brown Leather Kenneth Cole Briefcase Casual / Academic: Just received a Jack Spade Tank Nylon/Canvas Field Bag I'm looking for a black leather bag as well, but don't want to spend too much on it. I've been slumming it at TJ Maxx and Marshalls' and stumbled onto a nice black Coach bag tonight, but decided against it as it was still $250+.
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I've used a Coach briefcase for a couple of years now - it turned out to be a real piece of junk. Based on my experience I'd say avoid Coach at all costs. I just bought an item on ebay that's been on my wish list for a really long time - A Swaine Adeney Brigg briefcase... It should last a whole heck of a lot longer than the Coach did.
Which Brigg briefcase did you buy? Which color? Which style? I have owned a leather brief bag made by Atlas of Boston for 13 years now, and it is still going strong, after much abuse. The 18 inch "Churchill" model in dark brown: The leather just looks better and better with age, although I've had to replace the handles once, and get some of the stitching resewn. If my trusty Atlas ever wears out, I would consider a briefbag by Brigg. They look similarly sturdy. Kai
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Casual: one Lambertson Truex flight bag that I really like -- Business: one Arnys briefcase or one, ancient Mark Cross briefcase. Both in black and softsided. Incidentally, anyone know a good spot in NYC to get a briefcase back to looking good?
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I have a chestnut coloured leather briefcase from Ede & Ravenscroft. It's of the same standard as Brigg.
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Which Brigg briefcase did you buy?  Which color?   Which style?  
I bought it on ebay so I wasn't sure of the exact model name. calls it the "top-frame document case." The color is a light tan (fairly vivid) bridle-hide. I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I also have an A. Testoni soft briefcase for when I need to carry less items.
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