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I needed a new cell phone but wasn't sure what to get

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A little background.  I have been using blackberrys for the last 5 years or so.  After waiting, waiting more waiting for RIM to bring out a decent product I decided to leave them for good.  The new Z & Q look nice but I'm gone.  C Ya!


I am off contract but still grandfathered in with AT&T's unlimited calls/data plan.  I'm not much of an app person, basically use my phone for calls, texting, random photos and music (I have bought about 4 ipods but own none. Go figure).  The top  choices in no particular order were:

  • iphone
  • Galaxy 3
  • Lumia 920






Ease of use

Many popular apps

Accessories galore




Unibody construction

No SD card slot


Apple's philosophy about knowing what is best for the consumer

It's the Honda Accord of cel phones



Samsung Galaxy GS3



Slick interface

Big screen

SD card slot

Decent camera

Easy to root





Almost too light - feels cheap

Android has a new flavour every other month it seems

Android phones tend to get hardware updates relatively quickly leing the user with an old looking phone



Lumia 920




Feels solid in the hand

Great stabilization for camera

Great screen with gorgeous colours





Unibody construction

No SD card slot

Unproven o/s

Fake picture fiasco (any pictures other than in low light were not very impressive)





In the end it seems I went off the deep end and chose something totally unexpected



Yes the Symbian monster 41 megapixel wonder, the Nokia 808.  Why you might ask?  It is the final Symbian phone from Nokia. 


1.  Feels solid in the hand

2.  Pictures are the best in its class.  The 8 mp pureview pics are gorgeous.  Even gives lower price DSLRs a run for their money

3.  Video recording is great, especially the sound. 

4.  SD card slot.  I bought a 64 gig sd card as well

5.   It reads just about anything you throw at it, audio or visual with no converting.  Just drag & drop

6.  Root access.  I can customize to my heart is content

7.  I will tire of it long before Nokia stops supporting Symbian (2015 or so)

8.  For such a "low resolution screen", pictures and videos look just fine plus I can view in direct sunlight.

9. Unique factor



The only con I have that there is no videochat on skype, only voice calls.  That is it.


I'm 4 days in and I'm lovin it


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Snapped a couple of pictures.  Nothing fancy yet (copy image url into new window)









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Originally Posted by Brossian Wingor View Post

41 megapixels? what kind of phone is that? it should be called a camera that can happen to make calls.


You're right!  It's a quirky lil beast but is almost perfect for me however it could deal with more RAM.  I briefly thought about getting a Galaxy phone as well as a Galaxy camera but I knew in my heard of hearts that the  camera would either get forgotten at home/in the car or not fully charged when I needed the most.  Not the case with this beast - it will always be with me.  I might pick up a spare battery though


sidenote: Why don't phone manufacturers make phones with upgradable ram like computers?  One would think it would be something the consumer would welcome with open arms






I think I need to read picture taking for dummies  lol  Started playing around with iso settings last night.  These 2 pics were taken moments apart.  Very grainy IMHO

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iPhone 5 or HTC One (March release) or Galaxy S4 (April I think)


All good phones and great cameras and capacities.

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