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Bresciani at Pitti Uomo 83

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There may be no accessory that engenders more disagreement than socks. There seems to be a theory for every dandy. Conventional wisdom suggests matching socks to trousers in order to lengthen the line of the leg. But there are those that lobby for matching socks to shoes instead. A precious peacock might match his socks to his tie. Or indulge in the ambitiously titled "fun sock". More conservative dressers may wear only navy socks. Their foil would be the individuals who wear only red socks. The diversity of claims to the One True Theory of Hose has even led some men to throw up their hands and forgo socks entirely.

For all but this last category, Bresciani has something to offer. Their archive includes over 2,000 patterns. The permanent collection includes solids of all types, ribbed socks with a subtle contrasting color, along with some argyles. However each new season brings some unique designs to satisfy the whims of the more dramatically inclined. This season's group includes some socks with "clocks" - but not the kind that traditional sock aficionados might expect - and some hose adorned with a 16th century poem.

There are four types of machines that Bresciani uses to knit its socks. The jacquard weave machine can accommodate only two colors, but makes for beautifully woven patterns. These patterns are intricate enough that they still must be set by hand, while others can be programmed into a computer. A second machine produces only solids. A third machine does embroidered socks, and can use up to 5 different colored threads. Finally, the machine producing argyle socks uses a thicker thread and can use up to 7 colors.

These machines produce a tube of material that is open at both ends. To create a finished product, one end must be sewn up. This used to be done by hand. But with costs rising and the supply of qualified workers dwindling, this process is increasingly being turned over to machines. Luckily, there are now machines that are capable of performing this procedure better than humans, resulting in a stronger sock with fewer inconsistencies. Bresciani brought the first of these online 4 years ago. There are now 7 of them running. Eventually all of the linking will be done by machine.

Of all the socks I've tried, Bresciani is easily my favorite. Most days I'm wearing one of their contrasting rib varieties. These are on the thin side, so if you like thicker socks, you'll want to consider something else. While other socks, even the over the calf variety, tend to fall down throughout the day, I've never had this issue with Bresciani socks. And even the ones I've had for over a year now show no signs of breaking down any time soon. But I'll be coming back for more when they do, if not before.

Some bolder socks.

Autumn colors.


Old school clocks on the bottom.

When wool just isn't good enough.

Contrasting ribs.

No, not that kind of clocks!

These socks feature part of the title page from 'Orlando Furioso', a 16th century Italian poem by Ludovico Ariosto.

The "jacquard vamisee" weave.

Ribbed solid.


An example of the linking now done by machine.
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Beautiful socks! Thanks for this story.
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Nice post and beautiful socks.

Having reached the wardrobe saturation point, with the exception of the occasional replacement item, socks are my primary clothing purchase these days. I must find some of the contrasting rib Bresciani.
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I like the introduction. Well written.

Do you know when I can obtain them (online)?

Particularly interested the one with a 16th century poem.
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Originally Posted by bboysdontcryy View Post

I like the introduction. Well written.

Do you know when I can obtain them (online)?

Particularly interested the one with a 16th century poem.


Berg & Berg
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Bresciani are also available at

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Thank you for the post. See you at the next Pitti in June !
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I appreciate both the socks and the prose.  Thank you.

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Lovely article and super pictures. Thank you for taking the time for the write up
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I've compared socks from dozens of makers during the last seven years. At this moment, two have risen above all others: Pantherella and Bresciani. I've yet to decide who has the better product. I haven't used Brescianis for longer than a few months now, but my oldest Pantherellas are alive and kicking after three years of regular wear. We'll see how B's offering fair, P's are already Keikari-approved.
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I'm pretty much done with Pantherella. In fairness, I have many pairs from marshall's which could very well be seconds - although there isn't anything to indicate that but the super low price. But the last pair tore at the calf, heel, and toe after one wearing of perhaps 4-5 hours.
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Originally Posted by mymil View Post

Bresciani are also available at

This is one of the worst web site to navigate!! Excellent product, bad layout.
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^Aye, I've been cringing at the sight of the site for a long time now. It could be so much more.
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Bresciani socks are my favorite. Pantherella always seems to fall down on me.
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