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Looking for a good suit for under $600

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I am looking to purchase a new suit for some upcoming weddings this summer and fall.  I currently own two suits from my college days, but they aren't the nicest and the colors and fabrics are not the best for summer.  (I have a mid grey flannel and a dark grey lightweight wool.)  I am now 25 and would like to buy a decent suit.  Either navy or light grey in 3 season wool.  I would spend up to about $600.  I am looking for somethings slim, as I am 5'8" and 135 lbs.  Any recommendations or advice?


I've done some research and see that others have suggested Suit Supply.  I was thinking about J. Crew but don't know too much about their quality.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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SuitSupply is probably a good bet for your price range.  Something like this perhaps.  There are many existing threads on the forum about this company, like this one.


Also, I'd go with navy.

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Agree with Suit Supply. Also, don't forget to factor alterations into your budget - the fit is probably more important than anything else when it comes to a suit.
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Indochino or Suit Suppy

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since suit supply was already mentioned, how about benjamin suits (ehaberdasher)?
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I just recently tried on a few suits at Suit Supply and here's my take:


The Napoli is a great cut but definitely not one of their slimmer suits. The main reason I didn't get it is because the sleeves were too roomy for me (I'm 5'7" about 140lbs with an athletic build). So given your measurements not too sure how well it would fit you.

Their slimmest suit is the Washington cut, which was very nice but just too slim for me to feel comfortable in. The jacket was also too long for me but you're a bit taller so that should be fine.

I ended up going with the happy medium (although more expensive) Sienna cut, and I just posted some pictures up in another thread if you care to look.


Overall, great suits and the service was phenomenal. I had 3 guys helping me out with my decision, which wasn't easy at all. Go and try on their suits and hopefully you'll find a well-fitted one!

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