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Conde Nast Invest in


Conde Nast International has joined in a recent $20 million investment round for, a website that allows independent boutiques to sell their goods online and internationally. Fatfetch had annual sales of $129 million last year, and represents 250 stores in 17 countries. Farfetch plans to use the funds to expand into new marketplaces, including the US, where they’ve had only a limited presence to date.


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All About S.E.H. Kelly


S.E.H. Kelly is a small British menswear brand that produces beautiful and classic (one of the few appropriate euses of the word) Made in England garments. From gorgeous Harris Tweed peacoats to Ventile jackets, virtually everything S.E.H. Kelly is actually timeless. 


The Good Taste Thread


Are you a Classic Menswear poster who has good taste? Maybe you can past muster in this thread – whnay’s good taste thread, for only the most coordinated looks.


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