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Second interview salary re-negotiation

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I have to apologise for my level of language as I am not a native speaker.


I have a huge issue here.  I had a first stage interview recently. On that interview I was asked about my salary expectation. Because I was impressed with the company and a role more and more in a course of the interview and I really would like to get this job, I was unwise and mentioned X amount. I knew amount I mentioned is a bit lower than average on the market. When I come back home I did some more research and found out that an average on this position is 30-50% higher than I asked. Day later I had been invited on second stage. Now, the question is, whether it is acceptable to try re-negotiate salary level let say by extra 20-30% of that what I have asked originally.

Please could you advice

Thanks a lot.

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don't worry about that now. focus on impressing them and winning the job. it will be off putting to bring it up again away until you hear their offer.

decent companies will give you a competitive offer anyway, meaning a salary that is comparable to same jobs in the company and to the market. they will not try to lowball you and leave you unhappy. and if they do based on what you said earlier, you probably shouldnt work for them anyway.
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Listen to this man ^
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Yup .. In my current role, I am getting paid 50% higher then I 'asked for' in the first interview.

If they give you want you asked for, and you really want the job still .. maybe try and negotiate some higher then normal performance incentives if you can. I wouldn't try and renegotiate base salary unless you'd be happy if they take back the offer.
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Thanx for all your advice.

I did not try to ask for higher compensation on my interview as you suggested. 

I did not get a job as well as they found someone more qualified sadly.

Thanx again.


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