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Gap Profits Soar


Gap’s recently released fourth-quarter numbers show a 61% rise in profits, to $351 million from $218 million a year ago, prompting a 1.3% rise in share prices after market close on Thursday. Compared to last year, Gap stores showed a 4% comparable gain, Old Navy rose 8% and Banana Republic was up 3%. As far as StyleForum is concerned, it’s difficult to see evidence – or justification – for these results, other than the fact that Gap is slowly adapting to the direction of menswear three years ago. 


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All About RRL


Do you like Ralph Lauren? Do you like really accurate vintage reproductions (that are also really expensive)? Take a look at RRL – Ralph Lauren’s shadowy, vintage-inspired and appropriately priced workwear line. 


All About Meermin


Meermin is fast becoming a low priced go to for posters fed up with clunky Allen Edmonds and Aldens. Sleek and Spanish-made, Meermin is a Carmina affiliated shoe brand that won’t break the back. Take a read.


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