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Couldn't find a similar question using the search function, so I apologize if this has been answered before.


I recently bought a SG1105 from Self Edge. This was my first pair of raw denim and did the pre-soaking ritual. I have been using them for about a week and have been generally surprised by two things:


- How rough the denim feels in some places (but I know this might be more due to the fact I've mostly used Diesel jeans)

- How the denim has reacted since the pre-soaking (yes, it shrunk, but now a week later it has stretched back to normal almost everywhere)


The latter is the one that's got me thinking... when should I hem these jeans? I'm planning on using them for 6 or more months before washing and wouldn't want to keep cuffing them until then.


So, please denim connoisseurs, could you please help me with these questions:


Should I hem immediately? Should I consider they will shrink again after washing for the first time? If so, should I hem them longer than needed? Should I just keep cuffing until first wash? Wash sooner than 6 months? 


Many thanks.