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Going to order a pair of Spring Courts and a pair of Superga's - sizing help please? Take an 8.5 in Clark's DB's and JP's. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by shurgen View Post
Does anyone know how the Tim Hamilton x Uniqlo zipper jacket fits? measurements seem like they run a bit large and the pictures look like they run small so I'm not quite sure where it falls. Thanks.
True to size, imo. The small feels like a 36, maybe a slim 38.
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Originally Posted by LWing View Post
Right, so I've got some proper measurements...

Waist - 35/36 (this is surprising, because the tag says 33W)
Front Rise - 11''
Back rise - 15''
Upper Thigh - 12.25''
Knee Measurement - 9.5''
Leg Opening - just short of 9''
Inseam - 30'' (also surprising, the tag says 32L. This is way too short, though. I could safely add at least 2 inches, probably 3 to the way it currently fits)

I also feel like a slightly deeper crotch would be more comfortable than the way it is now.

I see now that I should probably have posted this in the "I have a jean..." thread

Ok, now what is your price range?
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I've been trying to find a place to grab a WWM Mariners Cardigan in Medium for a while now but have yet to find one. Am I going to have to pick one up used at some point or is there a secret vault containing them that I am unaware of?
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whats the best way to hem selvege denim (r&b, apc rescues)?

do i need to chain stitch? i dont plan to wear them cuffed as a look per se but may cuff them from time to time, so preserving the selvege would be nice

thus it seems original hem would be out, what is the alternative? what level of difficulty?

it seems that cardelino in ny is a trusted tailor so i will probably take them there. what should i ask for?
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Can anyone tell me what brand of jeans are being worn in this picture?

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^ April77.
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Brief question: Will James Perse size 1 shirts/tees be long on someone who is 5'7"?

Longer version:

I've seen pictures of James Perse shirts/tees on Tobi, and the models are 6' or therabouts and wearing size 2. Since size 1 is about as low as it goes, would it be long for someone who is 5'7"? Based on the shoulder/chest measurements the rest of the shirt would be a good fit, but I'm just concerned that the shirts will be real long. By real long I mean >27"
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what do u guys think of that shoe? would it be wearable with shorts?? thnx in advance
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yes, looks fine
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Can anyone recommend me a thick knit sweater with a zipper, kind of like this LL Bean, in the $100 range?
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Heading to New York this weekend. Which Barney's is the best?
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Madison Ave.
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How slim are the Raf Simons slim fit jeans? I want to get a pair of the red ones from SW. For comparison, I am a 32 in NdG, KMW, etc.
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Any idea on where I can find unstructured shirts similar in nature to the one Bradley Cooper is wearing in this photo. In particular I like the collar and how the shirt looks worn in and slightly wrinkled. Disregard the fit of it.
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