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Gonna try asking here, since this Q&A thread seems to be more active.
Originally Posted by spagnutty View Post
I have a pretty hard time finding shirts that fit, since I'm pretty thin, and have really long arms... 6' tall, 34" chest, 34" ideal sleeve measurement...
I recently picked up a couple of slim fit shirts from H&M. They're the best fitting shirts I've ever had. Not because they fit outstandingly well, just because every shirt I've ever own before these has been complete garbage.

My question is, should I have these shirts darted? I've never had a shirt darted before, but don't mind paying a little bit to have it done if it will be a worthwhile improvement. Here are a few pics...if they don't do a good job visually, let me know and I can try a different angle or something etc.

I'm really new to all this, so let me know if it's a good idea! Thank you everyone.

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Originally Posted by meanpeoplesuck View Post
What kind of clothes are good for making a skinny man appear more broad chested?

Hm. You'll want to focus more on making your shoulders look broader. This can be done both by bringing more visual width to the shoulders and making the waist and legs look more narrow. Fitted and structured is good around the chest - loose shirts/jackets are not. A well-tailored shirt at the shoulders is better than the shoulder seam draping too much.

Tuck in shirts. Don't wear baggy or pleated pants. (an old fashioned method in wearing pants was to shoot for a higher waist) Roll your sleeves higher (above elbows) when you do tuck in. V-necks and non-button-down collars help in casual situations. Double-breasted suits help (trim waist, broader collar and shoulders). Any jacket or shirt cut or dress situation that elongates the torso without compensating at the shoulders will work against you.

I have wide shoulders and chest, but these are pretty much some of the old standby rules I've come to know.
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I believe you measure the outermost point between which is the intersection of the end of the shoulder and sleeves. hard to put in word, hope you understand
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Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
So I am spending Christmas on the west coast. Everybody seems to be wearing neon, or at least the really trendy kids (18-28 year olds).

Is this the next big thing, or is this something that only the trendy will wear?

I've been out of the loop for the last year or so, since I moved to a tiny rural town.

I don't necessarily think it's just hipsters that do it, it is just very fun to get away from the navy/black/grey/earth tone color scheme once in a while. I don't know about neons, but I absolutely love fits with bright shades of red, green, etc. Like the batiste green BoO shirts from last season (I think) and the purple of this season are fairly bright.
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Hi, this is my first post so please be gentle Would like to get your opinion on which shoe to get from the two below. Would like it to be useful for both semi-formal (dressy but not suited-up) as well as casual occasions. Which one do you think would work out better? Thanks for your inputs!

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So, I had this leather jacket I got in italy that I outgrew (my shoulders got to broad and it got cartoonishly high in the back--it might've been a women's jacket but the storeowner assured me that it was unisex when I bought it. This jacket was my favorite-st thing in the world and I haven't found a suitable replacement yet. Here's how it used to look on me (sorry I couldn't find anything better, but I had to cobble it together from facebook pictures): Where can I find something that looks like it (in terms of overall look, doesn't have to match up exactly), save going back to the leather store in italy where i originally bought it? I'm looking to spend <$300, if at all possible. Thanks a ton in advance!
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I saw a similar cut leather jacket at COS the other day. The softest Nappa leather for 300 euro.
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I have two questions. First, what do you guys think of these shoes in the "oak" color? I had ordered the classic boat shoes model online in a darker brown, but they didn't fit so I had to send them back. I picked these ones up at a local store because I found them to be more comfortable than the classic model, but I'm not sure what I think of the color. I could take them back and order the same shoe in another color online, but I'm not sure if it is worth it. What do you guys think? Second, what kind of socks do you guys usually wear with casual shoes/boots and what are the color matching rules? For example, what color should I wear with the shoes linked above? Thanks.
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I am a 10.5M US in Cole Haan, and a 44M Italian in Giorgio Armani (Italian made) shoes...What am I in Gucci and Ferragamo
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Thoughts on these AE wingtips? I am looking for some cheap, burgundy wingtips to wear with dark denim.
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I am looking for a pair of slim fit corduroys similar to the "burgandy" Levi's 511 on the Urban Outfitters website. They are out of my size (32*34). I guess the color could also be described as wine or maroon.

I would like to spend less than $80. Any suggestions?
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What is the model of these Margiela sneakers?
I've come across a different color the other day, but I'm having trouble finding it again.
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Quick question, Levis Trucker jacket (I got medium, normal shirt size is medium) should it fit snugly? It buttons up and the top half fits good; the bottom 2 buttons are pretty snug.
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Whats the difference between Superga 2750 and Superga Portofino shoes?
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