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My new jantzen shirt - some pics

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Hi everyone, I got my second shirt from Jantzen a couple of days ago. Please find below some pics and my measurements. After having washed and pressed the shirt, I think the shirt fits quite well. I would be grateful, however, if you could post your comments. Specifically, I am unsure about: a) Collar Type: Does it look ok? b) Chest / Waist Measurements: Does it look too tight? c) Sleeve length too long? I would appreciate your help very much. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Shirt Length: 87 cm Chest: 100 cm Waist: 85 cm Hip: 95 cm Shoulder: 48 cm Sleeve: 87.5 cm, Long Sleeve Neck: 41 cm Height: 185 cm Weight: 80 kg Wrist Size ( No Allowance): 17 cm Special for Thicker Watch: Left Hand 1/4" Bigger Shirt Fitting: Form (4"-6" Allowance) Share of Shoulder: Regular Shoulder Shade of Body: Normal Shade Material Item: Checkers Material Material Number: Please Select Material Number, Number #367 Collar Style: Collar Style # 16A, (Big Spread with Higher Under Band) Collar Stay: Removable Collar Stay Interlining: Regular Tie space: 0" Back Height: 1 3/4" (High) Stitching for Collar & Cuff: 1/4" (Our Standard) Collar Point: 3 1/4" (Long) Color of Button Hole and Button Thread: Self Colour Cuff Style: French Cuff Style #4D (Round) Contract Collar: Self Collar & Cuff Cuff Height: 3" (Long) Pocket Style : Select one Number of Pocket: No Pocket Front Placket: French Front with Stitching Width of Placket: 1 3/8 (Our Standard) Select oner: Without Sleeves Slit Extra Buttons shirt tail: Square Tail with Vent Shoulder Pleat: Side Pleat Select one: With Split Yoke Gusset Triangle Color: Dark Blue Button Seclections:: Thick Nature Mother of Pearl Button (3.55 mm) Thickness Monogram Style: Monogram Style #30 Monogram Placing: Inside the Yoke Monogram Color: Dark Blue -----------------------------
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Lookin' good.  Just a couple small details: looks just a little baggy around your waist, could probably be solved by tucking your shirt in just a tad bit deeper and wearing your pants at your natural waist.  Your pants seem to be sitting lower in front than they are in the back. fabric "folds" above your wrists which may indicate a sleeve ever so slightly too long However, the cuffs seem to reach an appropriate point.  If your sleeves don't restrict you when you bend your arm then it's fine, especially if you'll usually be wearing a jacket. Collar looks generally good, and the point length and back height are good.  Wonder if your neck could take a very slightly taller collar band in the front? Don't let my possibly idiotic comments detract from your nice ensemble.  I'm not a shirtmaker, professional clothing critic, or anything of that nature.
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looks well cut but this fabrics does not match with a striped tie...
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Regarding the shirtsleeve length, I think it looks fine; traditionally the end of the sleeve should end at the root of the thumb. I personally would order my sleeves just a bit longer, as jackets tend to ride the end of the sleeve upwards into the shoulders, and less cuff is shown as a result. Jon.
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The sleeve length looks good. I hope you have an extra half-inch or so to account for shrinking, or those cuffs will sneak behind those jacket sleeves. (Which is something happen to one of mine ) As for pattern matching, I think it looks decent, although I'd probably go for a tie with a bolder or thinner pattern so as to not come too close to the width of the checks. But what do I know
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Super shirt, and I like this collar (note to self...). It's a bit baggy around the waist but perhaps it's not tucked in or perhaps you have a uncooperative stomach as some of us do, and don't want to call attention to it How is the fabric ? B
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Thank you for your comments The fabric is Checkers #367 It is high quality twill and feels very soft. Any more comments?
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How's the room in the upper (under) arm? It doesn't look baggy but that's a problem area for Jantzen, it seems. Can't tell with your arms down, though.
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Am I the only one who thinks the shoulders are a little too wide? Maybe 0.5 inches per side... I like the sleeve length, though. dan
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I like the collar. Could do with being a bit of a tighter fit, especialy as it is a tailored shirt, although the fit is pretty good. The sleeve seems fine to me. I realy do not like your combination, but I guess I am nobody to say, as that is just a matter of your personal taste, I personaly find the jacket vile, but please don't take it personaly, though the shirt fabric is not bad. I would also think you would be shot in London for wearing a tie like that , they'd think you were an Oxbridge patriot
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I think the shoulders are fine. The fit is a bit baggy all round for my taste, but it doesn't look unseemly, except at the bottom of the sleeves where it bunches up a bit (see last two pics). It will shrink up a bit, yes, but it's blousy enough that some room could be taken out of there.
I would also think you would be shot in London for wearing a tie like that , they'd think you were an Oxbridge patriot
Well I guess that answers my question of whether club ties matter to anyone anymore.
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Thank you for your comments. The tie is from Borrelli, the jacket from Gieves & Hawkes. O yes, I am an Oxbridge patriot  
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If, CT Guy you mean by that, that my English is not very good, I think that is due to the fact that the Americans really do not know the proper grammar in English, and they are always using self-invented rules of syntax. If, on the other hand you were talking about my spelling or punctuation that is because I seldom type myself on a keyboard. Moreover, yes I would agree my typing skill is not good. If, however you meant something else, please fell free to explain... I am not saying that I am a scholar; however, there was nothing wrong with the English of my last post, bar some misspellings as a result of a typing error, and a comma instead of a full stop, also a typing error.
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Gentlemen:  Why I would interfere in an argument that is none of my business, I have no idea.  Perhaps it's because both of you have made so many valuable contributions to the SF that I don't want to see another unnecessary,  I'm just an insufferable but-in-ski.  If I offend, please's only my humble attempt to divert a pissing match. kalra2411: I've read numerous posts that you've contributed, all well constructed and informative; however, this particular post is one long run-on sentence, and the spelling is, albeit explained, less than perfect.  I've tried to grapple with it from every syntactical angle possible, but, alas, it has consistently confounded me.  Please don't take this as confrontational criticism, I just hoped that a neutral third-party could offer an objective perspective. CTGuy, you've been around quite a long time, and are well aware of where this sort of thing leads. Guys, let's keep it fun...after all, we're not talking critical stuff here.  
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I actually thought that the shoulders might want to lose a little bit of width, but that could definitely be an issue of personal taste.
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