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What to wear with boat shoes

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Hey guys,


New forum member here. I'm an almost-40, amply-sized guy from the south, plump you might say, who was just gifted some brown sperry topsiders. They're fine shoes and fit well, but I'm not sure what to wear with them. How can you compose an outfit to look ok with boat shoes? I tend to wear jeans or khakis with either polos or sportshirts most of the time. 


Any advice or images would be appreciated.



Darth Chipmunk

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Navy shorts that hit right above the knee.


First things first though partna'. Lose the lbs. and get yourself in shape. You'll be a better and happier man, husband, dad, grandpa, boss, co-worker, buddy.

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Originally Posted by Gauss17 View Post

that should sooooooooo be your avatar.    

also, beige pants, with a white polo shirt, and navy sportscoat that has brass buttons. and, get in shape, read styleforum. this could be a new beginning.

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navy shorts-white shirt
beige shorts-white shirt
X colored shorts-white shirt

preferably while on the ocean with a "boat drink" in your hand.
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wear them with a boat.

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Wearing them with jeans or chinos works pretty well- they're a brown leather casual shoe, unless you have the more sneakery versions. I would incline towards wearing socks when wearing them with pants. You can also wear them sockless with shorts in summer.

They're a perfect shoe for your typical wardrobe.
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I hope that the shoes you were gifted aren't the ladies' shoes from the ebay link you posted.


But as above. I've always worn them sockless with chinos or shorts. Wear the hell out of them until they feel like slippers. They have a short window of perfection when they fit perfectly, look like you wore them on a transatlantic solo, and haven't fallen apart.

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Patterned linen and/or cotton casual button-front shirt (could be a "sportshirt") is one of the, er, top options with boat shoes.
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