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Morning suit/stroller fit pic's

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So I have a chance to wear a morning suit to an event and I was looking for whatever advice I can get to pulling this off and not making it look like I am wearing a costume.  Below are a few options I came up with but if anyone has any better ideas on how to make this work let me know.  Right now the only change I would like to make is to switch the vest with a DB one and maybe get a better set of striped pants made because the Canali ones that I have look a bit off, and I am not a big fan of pleats.







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Which are you to wear, tailed or non-tailed?
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It does not matter, stroller or morning coat will both work, I do kind of find the long coat looks a bit costume'ish.  If all else fails I can just toss on a suit, I imagine at lease 50% of people that will be doing that.

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I personally thinks both are decent. It is up to you, I believe if the events does states morning formal outfit or you know must people are going to make an effort, it is better to go with the tail. It is always better to be overdress than underdress.
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I think pic #3 looks the best. If it's an event calling for morning dress, might as well go the whole hog.

I would switch out the tie, however.
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I am concerned the vest is a little to long. Personally I would prefer to have the whole waist (waist seam on coat, rise of trousers and length of vest) higher on the body. Given that such operations are impossible and would entail new clothes all together, I would prefer the short coat (possibly with bolder patterned trousers).

By the way, thanks for posting pictures. We need more contemporary examples of formal morning wear.
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I was thinking I could fix that problem just by switching the vest,  I was going to have a DB vest made up, it would still be long enough to cover the waist band on the pants but not long enough to fall below the button on the coat.

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Originally Posted by LeviMay View Post

I think pic #3 looks the best. If it's an event calling for morning dress, might as well go the whole hog.

I would switch out the tie, however.

+1 for the most part. Definitely switch out the tie. If you're going to a wedding, I'd wear a traditional wedding tie in the grey range. If it's not a wedding, you can still wear a wedding tie, but I'm not a fan of the burgundy one you have on for morning dress (it would be fine with a lounge suit). You don't get many opportunities to wear daytime formalwear, so you might as well take advantage. I also don't think it looks like a costume, especially if a decent number of people around you at this event are wearing it.

The more practical (and less fun) answer is to go for the stroller. You can probably wear that on more occasions than a morning coat, and a stroller is much less conspicuous than a morning coat at events where most people are wearing suits. I'm seriously considering having one made to wear on special occasions (Easter and Christmas Mass, etc.) or daytime weddings where it could possibly be appropriate.
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I am not the biggest fan of grey ties, I associate them with people doing a strange daytime tuxedo dress.  I know they can be done well but I would rather stick with something with red tones or maybe a blue.


to the guy above I like the last pic of the morning suit, its a similar vest to the one I was thinking of having made.

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All this talk about the tie being burgundy ...

If he is not the groom I think burgundy is quite appropriate. Here some examples of people that wear morning dress more often then anyone...




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I wish I could find a suit like that, I saw a tom ford MC on ebay a few days ago that looked like the one Charles is wearing.  If only it was a 40r :(


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Isn't it easier and better to bespeak one? I personally reckon that the fit is paramount.
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Marco: I say take any of those pictures with someone wearing a burgundy tie and replace it with some sort of grey tie and the outfit will look better. YMMV.

OP: Do you dislike all grey ties or just the more shiny satin ones? If you'd be comfortable in something more muted, wedding ties could be worth looking into. Ultimately it's up to you, but there's a lot of variety in grey ties.
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its the shiny satin ones that turn me off, perhaps something with a weave to it would work better.

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