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Help with hairstyling

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Hey. Now I have had the same haircut for quite a while now and I have a particular one I like. I have this picture and I was hoping you kind people could possibly advice me on how to possibly do this step by step. Before I give the link I will say that my hair is quite thin and straight with slight wave or curves at the end, very much like his in the picture and I would also like to point out his hair looks some what thick unlike mine and how would I then get the same look as someone with thick hair. 




please include, products needed, order in which steps I do first, The length I should have on my hair in detail and any kind of particular tools to do so eg, comb, brush, straightner etc

Cheers Gus :)

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Oh man, this thread should be my signal to quit this forum and forget about it... But I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm going to take a whack at this.


There isn't a lot you can do to make thin hair look thicker. Especially if you want it to look greasy like this guy. Ever notice that when your hair gets wet it looks even thinner? For this reason, if you want thicker looking hair, you'll want to find a dry-looking hairstyle (not a greasy, grimy look, like this one). 


Blow dry your hair into the shape you want, then use a dry product (Matrix Beach Clay or Redken Rough Paste are good ones) to put a dry finish on the style and remove the "fluff" from your hair. This will keep it from flying all over the place, but also keep it dry and thick looking. Don;t let your hair get too dirty, as thin hair that gets greasy will look stringy.


If the grease and grime is what you liked, then aim for a look that your hair will actually do. Norman Reedus is sexy as hell and has greasy, grimy, fine hair...

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