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You have retired from the military so forget the concept of uniform: Blind obedience and levelling down is in the past. You should buy combinations of clothes that fit in with your job, personal colouring and which you enjoy wearing.
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welcome to civillian life, good luck.

wear a uniform if you find it more comfortable, honestly, a lot of ex-military do better that way
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you dont need a black suit for funerals, the the navy or charcoal will do.
just get a black tie.
and black trousers are only if you become a security guard or a
waiter or a washroom attendant.
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You should never buy 6 suits at one time. That being said, I love the tie choices just watch the pocket squares. They are usually reserved for complementing the tie in a more subtle way that is appealing to the eye. Ditch that red square for a burgundy one.

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