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tailoring question

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I asked this at the tailors' thread and it's moving a bit slow there so I thought I'd make a separate thread:

I lost a bit of weight, and I have a rlbl suit that doesn't quite fit me like it used to. I lost weight all over and not in a particular place, so I need it slimmed down all over keeping the same proportions. I guess the same suit one size down would fit me perfect. Shoulders do still fit me. So I was wondering if this is a easy enough job for a competent tailor, or if I'm risking too much. How much would it cost? Would it be worth it to get it tailored?
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I'm no tailor (even saying "I'm <whatever> tailor" sounds silly), so take this with a grain of salt, but if the shoulders fit then I assume it's the chest and waist that are the issue?  Those can be tailored and almost certainly at a lesser price than it would cost to replace the suit.  Why not just take it to a good tailor and se what he says?

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What Big Ed said. Definitely better to get it taken in than to throw it away.
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