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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

on his left shoe, i detect a hint of the quarters. They could be loafers I spose, which is even worse.

The cut of that suit is also straight out of 1998.

i think we're being trolled

Dam you have some sharp eyes my friend
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Wearing suspenders will help your pants fit and drape better.

Take a picture with the jacket buttoned and your hand not in your pants pocket.

The hand in pocket pose isn't helping.
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Originally Posted by biged781 View Post

Definitely better, it's just too big for you.  Notice how much room you have in the midsection and how far your shoulders droop over your natural shoulder?  I'm not a fan of the shoes, but for interviews you'll be fine. The pants are still too long. When taking pictures you should take one head on with your arms hanging naturally, and then again from the side and back.


That said, most people wear suits that are too big for them.  It could look better, but the colors are fine for an interview this time, and I doubt you will lose the position because of it.

Agreed with all above.

* Pants ... left leg length looks ok, right leg a bit long (?)

* Shirt sleeves are now longer than the jacket ... good ... 

... but no cufflinks (easily altered)

* Tie a bit long but ... no matter

* The jacket can be corrected by slim-fitting, it will need a reconstruction however to correct the oversized shoulder (needs a good tailor)

* Shirt a bit bulky (lower abs)... and is easily slim fitted using darts in the back .. any alterations specialist can do this easily and cheaply.

* Belt much better in black for formal wear


I'm fine with the shoes 'cause its only one part of the look. Black Oxfords are conventional business shoes, but Italian styles are very common (yours are appear a bit Italian, i.e. a bit non-conventional)

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The second look is much better. Some basic tips are:

-Take your hands out of your pockets.
-Next time you buy a suit or jacket, it is essential that the shoulders are perfect; they should feel snug, not loose. Then get the waist taken in, the sleeves narrowed and shortened, and the pants narrowed and shortened.

Edit: example of fantastic trouser length

Example of good jacket fit.
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Well done on taking on some of the advice we gave you on your first outfit, this outfit is far better than the first! :-) You're a fast learner if you take on some of the advice given to you above you'll be dressing sharp in no time. Don't worry about making the odd mistake, I cringe just thinking back to the outfits I wore 7 years ago.

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Thanks a tons guys for the advice
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