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Is Robertson of Dumfries Drumohr?

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Ordered a Drumohr sweater from yoox and it came labeled Robertson of Dumfries, probably just a yoox mixup but according to the AskAndy forum Drumohr was founded in Dumfries as JA Robertson and Sons...
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I received a sweater like this from Yoox as well. Some research:


1993: Stefano Angelino family acquires controlling stake in Robertson's of Dumfries from Austin Reed Group



Robertson's portfolio includes the Drumohr trademark.


Circa 2002 (?) the trademark changes hands or is licensed to Ciocca of Quinzano d'Oglio (Brescia). Ciocca is a knitter of socks, sweaters, and has  a portfolio of other trademarks.




Public filings confirm that the Robertson's of Dumfries/Drumohr trademark was renewed as recently as 2009 (?) by international trademark lawyers ( representng the entity above.


Latest Drumohr website ( further indicates at the bottom that it is a property of Robertson's of Dumfries s.r.l.


Showroom in Milan. Via Montenapoleone store in Milan offers customization etc. Also has a lot of penetration in Japan but is edged out by Cruciani which is marketed by Lidea Co., Ltd., which is the Japanese rep for Cruciani, Kiton, et al and has considerable reach.


Drumohr website underwent numerous changes over the last few years, at one time even touting an e-shop. Now everything is truncated pending a new "update." Also the ill-fated Nick Wooster x Drumohr collab among other things.


October 2013, Corriere Della Sera runs a piece on the Ciocca brothers and their revival of the Drumohr brand.




Presumably the items are still being made at Ciocca facilities in Brescia. & Scotland has long been out of the equation.




I have a lot of Drumohr stuff from current seasons. It does not have the Robertson's label. Presumably this is old stock from when the brand was initially licensed/acquired to Ciocca? The label includes the full address of the Ciocca HQ in Quinzano d'Oglio. Quality is not bad. Same as past or present merchandise. Not the finest cashmere in the world but good build quality.

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