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Does anyone own both camina Soller last and edward green 82? Which do you find more accommodating? I have a Soller boot in a 9uk, and the EG galway in a 9.5/10 UK, and for some reason, the EG feels both longer and wider even though they seem to match in proportion to my Carmina boots.


I wear a UK9 in an EG Galway 82 last and UK 8.5 in a Carmina derby boot Soller last.  Both fit well, but if anything I find the Soller a touch wider.  Soller is Carmina's most accommodating boot last, IMO.  I go to a UK 9 for boots in Forest, Oscar, Rain and Robert.  Soller is the only one where I can pull off an 8.5 in a boot.


I'm not sure I understand the reason for your question, though - is it that you find the Soller a bit too small or the 82 a bit too big?