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luciano barbera 'club' line

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does anyone know the difference between luciano barbera's 'club' line and his other lines, e.g., sartoriale? i searched but found no information whatsoever.
thank you.
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Club is partly fused and is the lower end, Sartoriale is the better line. I don't like the club items very much , I would rank them under Polo Blue Label
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Don't join the "Club." With respect to the Club line suits, they are quite awful. Really thick fusing and limp lapels. Poor detailing. Often times nasty fabrics. If they were priced at $250 - $300 at a discount shop I'd say it was approaching a decent price. But those things are like $600 at Century 21. Utterly overpriced.
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Sartoriale is the better line. I don't have any of the Club line so cannot comment on the quality, but if you like it and the price is right, then why not.
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There aren't as bad as people make them out to be. I have one from my pre-forum days, and it remains one of my favorite suits. No, it does not have the quality of my Barbera Sartoriale suit. However, the fabric on mine is amazing, and the cut is the perfect mix of slim-but-traditional that works well on my build. To be honest, it's my go to suit when I want to look really good, and I have a closet full of alternatives like Zegna Couture, Barbera Sartoriale, Belvest, etc. Fit trumps all in the end.

Would I pay $600 for another? No. But I would pick one up for less than $300.
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Much to my surprise, the 'club' line for Luciano Barbera has fused linings in the jacket. I thought I was getting top of the line when I bought my suit for $600 at Century 21. Oh well, but I agree with Fabro that fit trumps everything, and fabric too, because this suit looks fabulous on me. Dark navy with a subtle pinstripe.

I know I'll have to take it to a good cleaner, though, so I won't be stuck with bubbles from pressing.
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Club Line is now a licensed brand and is no longer manufactured by Peplo - Luciano Barbera (R) since 2007.

"Sartoriale" belongs and is fully manufactured by Peplo - Luciano Barbera (R)

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I picked 2 up for 400 each! Feels thick (especially in the shoulders) and the lapels are thin.  However being a college kid, these suits are great for interviews and turning heads at on campus events.  It's way better than my first suit which was Kenneth Cole Reaction which was about 300.

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