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The makers still make them, but what's present in any given area depends on what shops want to stock, given the preferences of their customers.


If you're still keen on Burberry, can you order via their website? Not ideal compared to trying one on, but...


Also, Aquascutum do still make them.There are a few NWT Aquascutum long trenches on eBay, but it's a crap shoot for finding your preferred colour/size. I've had a saved search for ages, and not found the ideal one yet.

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That sounds like one busy shopping day shopping!

Did any of the places have sales on medium length trenches? I could even consider that given the lack of choices.

It sounds like one needs a reason to visit London to get the full length trench, or order one from the UK?
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I went to every Burberry I could, their "full length" coats aren't all that full length. I asked them to make me one longer and they told me no.

Yesterday I went to Bergdorf, Barney's, bloomies, brooks, Paul Stuart, j press, cenci, Armani, ysl, Loro Piana. Nobody has a long trench. I searched eBay today and it seems that the only truly long trenches are vintage. It feels wrong to look at ebay, but what can I do?


I went with a vintage Burberry...for $60 (from a fellow SFer, no less).  Works for me icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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I am not a fan of all the bells and whistles on traditional trenches and struggle with the inspector gadget look. The Sanyo coat in the link seems a bridge between the Burberry and Mac.

I've decided to get an overcoat made up from covert fabric and very light lining to use in place of a trench but I live in a place it can (and has) snowed in every month of the year so hard core rain protection is not as necessary as on the east coast or the UK.
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Wish i had known you were looking as I had a vintage Burberry db trench sitting in my closet for the longest. It was tagged a 40L - fit me well enough but was just too long and didn't think I'd wear it enough. But everyone loved to look at it - it had the plaid lining and even a camel colored neck liner that buttoned on.

I also have the Duncan coat, the mackintosh/jcrew collaboration. It's nice but it's really just quarter lined with a thin cotton tartan lining. That being said, it really keeps in the warmth so I was comfortable in temps at around 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But the Burberry looks like a different beast altogether.
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I bought a vintage made in america brooks coat online. By the pics and such it is in mint condition, better looking quality than the burberry's and the longest I have found in measurements. It was cheap at around $200. That can hold me over until I come across something I like better. Then again this coat just might be perfect. Will post with a follow up.
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I got the coat today. It is pretty awesome I will post pictures when I get a chance. Much longer than anything I tried on in a store. Very old school. Ultimately worth the $200.
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Can anybody comment on the general fit of Burberry vs Aquascutum? I feel that I read somewhere that Aquascutum runs slimmer, but it just might be my imagination.

I look forward to seeing the pictures Patrick.
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same question as above - can anyone comment on the Acquascutum sizing?  say versus Burberry?


I may try to buy on line but want a sense of the fit...

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This isnt my size but this Medium Acquascutum looks very nice indeed and costs ~$80 on Ebay:



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one more question on Acquascutum.


Looks like some are made in Canada.  Are others made elsewhere?  Any quality difference?



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FWIW, during my excursions the Burberry trench comes in two styles, classic and slim. The classic is their fuller cut coat, however the issue is they only stock "regular" lengths not longs any more. The slim one is slimmer and shorter all around.
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Originally Posted by Ennius View Post

one more question on Acquascutum.

Looks like some are made in Canada.  Are others made elsewhere?  Any quality difference?


Acquscutum is made in England, at least their high end ones.
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TBH I thought Aquascutum went bust last year and the UK factory in Corby closed. Apparently the brand bought by some Asian fashion conglomerate.
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Another one bites the dust.
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