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Let's start thinking about summer...

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I've got some goods lined up and could use some warm summer lovin. Things I'm looking forward to enjoying and will throw pics of up later include:
-whole bunch of loose colorful and patterned tanks i got last year
-swim trunks with dahlias and pineapples on them (2 per)
-van gogh hats (well just one would suffice if I can find one)
-locs locs and more locs
-my blue vans authentics
-shorts and baller hightops
-my flossy beach towels
-fresh lemonade
-rum and and smoking habanos
-summer nights in malibu, newport, palm springs, vegas etc.

Let's keep this thread sandal-free thanks but feel free to post up any summer gear you want or have. Ninjas need not apply.
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Where i am i'm in eternal summer
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those are not summer fits toast

you jackholes it's been in the 70s since spring started

soon i will be wearing ysl bombers with white vnecks and lightweight purple cashmere scarves when i go barhopping in cool mid 50 degree nights
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Summer? Spring would be nice - it's still hovering around freezing here...
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I'm going to be wearing loose aa and everlane tees, colorful nike workout tees, and ocbd's of various colors up top; w&h west point shorts in khaki, outlier 3 ways in grey, navy orlebar brown trunks, workout shorts, and a pair of faded, cropped apc ns around my waist; on my feet will be mmm gats, but considering some white canvas keds to beat up all summer. shades are rb aviators right now, need to step up that game soon
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Just paid too much for a bunch of tees on Yoox. Maybe I'll keep half of them.
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probably shorts and tee's for me. Got a pair of geller shorts, kva shorts and CdGH+ shorts that will be worn on all my days off. Might try and get some of those attachment tee's if they come down in price a bit.
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Also copped Geller shorts, but I don't think I can wear them before July.
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I can't wait to kop/wear during S/S.

This, my cuffed Our Legacy Trousers, and my White Achilles will probably be my uniform.

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I enjoy this thread... i need some short sleeve button up recommendations.. jet what kinda tanks you pick up?
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I recently got a couple short sleeve batik print shirts.

btw, it's like summer here today. wearing pink uniqlo pants!!!


jet, why u no like sandals? :-/

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It's still snowing and minus temperatures here. I'd kill for spring at the least....

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Oh my god, I cannot wait for summer weather here in Wisco. I don't go too crazy with summer clothes but I do want a short sleeve 4-pocket shirt like the EG posted above. Pair with some lightweight chinos or the natural denim EG jeans I picked up and I'll be set. Most of my shirting is 4-season appropriate so lots of chambray an dOCBDs will be used as well.

I typically wear Quoddy mocs in the summer but I'm not as anti-sandal as most on here...just have trouble finding cool sandals. Thankfully I have reasonably presentable feet, so sandals don't scare me. But my Quoddy canoe mocs have been my go-to summer shoes and I look forward to getting them back out.
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