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I picked up a pair of these today...(not my shoe but same color and model)

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ICYMI I listed a pair of 12's in the FS section

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First time poster, long time reader and thought I would give this thread a little bump.


I had planned a visit to my favourite shoeshop today because I was in the market for a nice brownish ankle boot. So i went in to buy a "rather" conservative C&J Tetbury.  I didn't even make it that far... My eyes immediately fell on a pair of Bontoni Italos in a deep honeycolour. I knew Bontoni is hard to get by and although that store has a stock, chances are that my sizing was not in. So I asked for a size 6,5, already setting myself up for a dissapointment (the Tetbury looked even more conservative at that point). Thank god, they still had my size. I tried them on and they just felt right... So I got home and had to explain to my girlfriend that I slighly stretched my budget but that these shoes were definitely worth it;


I took some quick pictures with my cellphone so quality is not that great:







I have had them on for about an hour today and they are just amazing to wear.

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Beautiful finish!
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A lot more fun and exciting to wear. I respect (and wear both Bontoni and C&J) as well as others
but this is an exciting shoe brand for sure. smile.gif Congratulations on your purchase
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Thanks guys, I'm definitely looking forward to wearing them more often (It's kinda rainy at the moment so I'm a little hesitant to take them out...).


Next up on my wish/need list is a  rather "boring" black toe cap. But after those, I think I will treat myself to a new pair of Bontonis :-)

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My first Bontoni (Del Corso Oxford), just got them. Had them made Goodyear welted by Franco.








Here I am trying them on with my gray suit (Is this ok or its too wild or totally off)


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We need more Bontoni love!


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Bontonis down below
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You are a literal and figurative rock star.
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Gracias amigo, unfortunately several people on SF have issues with my shirts :slapfight:

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You are a literal and figurative rock star.
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Te da igual lo que dicen, Don't worry about them :-)
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Not to worry, when I am criticized  I always consider the source and usually it turns out to be a compliment! :D

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