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Black for city Brown if I go to country
I agree with Ernest. Seriously I do. Ernest, I tend to think brown is a little odd on a young guy in the city, don't you think?
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go to any city in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, etc.) and you will find about 5 million young men who would disagree. That old rule about black in the city, brown in the country is about as dead as black after dark. Those silly rules simply dont apply anymore. Furthermore, I hardly find brown shoes to be overly casual. Sure, if I am in a tux, brown shoes would look odd, but in just about anything else brown shoes add a touch of class and sophistication that black shoes simply do not.
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I too would say that brown with navy suits is a look more suited to European cities rather that the countryside.
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in just about anything else brown shoes add a touch of class and sophistication that black shoes simply do not.
But this is the point I am trying to make -- that "touch of class" you speak of is a type of class that is more suited to a 30s and older guy. Look, I'm 25. If I try to wear some beautiful brown shoes with my navy blue suit, I come off as trying to "act older than I am." This is the same thing that I would be doing if I wore wing tip cordovans. I'm not advocating that a 25 year old wear a 1200 suit and then wear some rubber soled black square toed. Rather, I'm saying that the 25 year old "sticks out" less while wearing black shoes than brown shoes, and in an office building this is exactly what he should wish. That is why a 25 year old should avoid Armani (in addition to its inferior quality) -- you just stick out too much.
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go to any city in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, etc.) and you will find about 5 million young men who would disagree.  
While living in Florence about a year ago, I couldn't seem to find any man wearing black shoes, at any age. Brown shoes were everywhere, with every color suit you can think of; yes, even black.
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I too would say that brown with navy suits is a look more suited to European cities rather that the countryside.
kalra, i don't understand what you mean by this. are you suggesting that a man's tastes should be dictated by the style of those around him? i propose that men who like brown shoes should wear brown and those who prefer black shoes should wear black. johnnynorman, again i know it sounds like i'm picking on you and i swear i'm only bring this up in good faith. i really don't think you should concern yourself with looking, dressing, or acting your age (as long as you don't wear pamapers). if you like a certain shoe and  said shoe is appropriate for the occasion, then wear it. do you think that at your age you are not supposed to be classy? is it really taboo to have good taste at a young age?
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I think johnnynorman makes a perfectly valid point in that black seems a more youthful shoe color than brown. To me, a brown shoe in general is more elegant than black, and elegance is a quality more befitting an older gentleman. (Shit man, you young studs have everything else--youth, beauty, thinness, hipness--why not leave at least the scraps of "elegance" to us graybeards?) To oversimplify: black=hip, brown=elegant. In the end of course, it is whatever you feel comfortable & confident wearing that will be most appropriate, be it black, brown, tan or whatever.
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Don't feel bad about picking on me, I can take it. I guess my point was that for those of us that dress to our job, you can't look like you are trying to usurp your superiors. I just fear that brown starts to give that impression. But, perhaps I would feel differently if I invested in an expensive pair of brown shoes. To be honest, I don't own a pair of brown shoes that are worthy of any of my suits.
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Johnny, Johnny.... You poor ignorant bleepard. (Just kidding.) I completely understand your point about sticking out and how every kid who's 25 wears black shoes all the time. However, all these sheep wearing black shoes quite simply DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER. When they turn forty or so, they'll eventually figure it out. Better to be ahead of the curve. Brown is classier. It looks better. It is more sophisticated. Perhaps most importantly, CHICKS DIG BROWN SHOES. It makes them think you know what you're doing. I never get complements from women on my very nice, well-shined black cap-toe Alden bals. But when I bring out the my nicely polished and antiqued dark brown Alden perforated cap-toe bals, women complement them. And when the antique tan C&J monkstraps make their appearance, look out. Women are primarily attracted to a man with poise and confidence. Don't follow the herd--wear your brown shoes with style. Just for reference, I'm 32--not that much older than you at least. By the way, you're not supposed to dress to the job you have. You're supposed to dress to the job YOU WANT. Brown shoes. M#4
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Maybe I'll pick up a pair of brown shoes -- what's the best color, "chestnut" or something like that? I'll try the brown, but I doubt that it will replace black as the color I'll wear most often. If brown looks better with gray, and you also think it looks better with navy, and black suits aren't appropriate for regular office wear (I disagree with this "rule" by the way), then when DO YOU guys wear black shoes during the day?
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As one of the more senior members on the forum (40+), I prefer brown over black with most anything. I live in NYC and wear everything from English Tan to dark browns whenever possible. I tend to go with black only with tuxedos or black suits.
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Well, you are right, since brown shoes look better with both blue and grey suits it does tend to make black shoes rather obselete, except in extreme circumstances such as a tuxedo. However, black shoes are just fine, and often look great with grey suits. Often times I will wear a dark charcoal suit, with a white shirt and a black and silver houndstooth tie, and sometimes i wear black shoes with it. i think a nice english tan shoe looks better, but black looks just fine too, and is more discreet. wearing tan shoes when your entire outfit is black, grey and white looks great, but people are definetely going to take notice of it.
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However, in my experience, on a day to day basis people in the U.S. are pretty open minded and you are free to dress as you feel to go to work- that's your opportunity to gauge what is appropriate and express yourself in a unique fashion. Glad to hear you say that CTGuy. If I were to dress like or not quite as nicely as my boss, I would be wearing only white shirts (mostly pressed), solid, boring ties, and black or burgundy shoes from Bostonian.
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CTGuy, your words of wisdom will always be heeded, since you were (if I'm not mistaken), the Jantzen guinea pig.
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I hear ya.  This sounds like most of the VP/AVP types around me at my firm (no ties here though).   I sometimes wonder if these guys just don't care any more, don't have fashion sense, never cared in the first place, or are saving money for their kids' college funds.
Maybe they're saving up money for the cost of fuel, haha. I never really thought about brown shoes as age exclusive. Johnny N, I agree with the rest of these guys; wear what makes you comfortable. If you think brown shoes look best with a certain outfit, trust that judgment. However, I think some things can be left to our elders -- such as Mr. Rogers-type cardigans.
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