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Well the original sticker price was supposedly $650, I definitely don't want a "$200" suit, I thought I was getting a deal. If the thing is going to appear to be a $200 suit then I will definitely return it and look at other options.



As far as priorities, yes. I buy nice clothes for when I go out (dates, business meetings etc) but if I am going to the grocery store I wear a Walmart plain white T shirt under a North Face jacket. I keep name brand stuff around for special occasions but since I don't have a girlfriend I can effectively wear the same "nice" stuff every week if I am hanging out with a new girl lol.


I would ideally like to get a suit that is about on par with the car brand wise (i.e. if there is a Kia and a Ferrari in the suit world, give me the Mercedes suit). It is a C coupe, but the one I got was actually higher MSRP than the base SLK. I was going to get the SLK but from what I read people thought it was too girly and the E coupe looked too grandma like. And obviously if I could afford an SL I'd probably also have my own personal assistant who would be researching this for me hahaha




The first point is based on a completely false idea of value. Macy's always has things on sale. If you pay full price for virtually any Macy's suit you're getting screwed. Most people who buy that suit pay around $200 for it, and that's probably what it's worth. The $650 is basically an imaginary number, the same as the msrp on basically any piece of jewelry at Macy's.


Now, if you want a "Mercedes" suit, you aren't likely to find one at Macy's.  There are a number of threads on this site that describe good brands, how you can tell if an individual suit is well made, and where you might be able to obtain such suits. If you want to buy off the rack, you might try some of the discount stores, like Off Saks, The Rack, or Neimann Marcus Last Call. You can usually find a pretty decent suit there, like  Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Canali, etc., that would be substantially better than what you got. These can usually be had for more than $200, but less than $500. 

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Yea I was willing to spend $500 just on the suit, but I wanted to get an $800 suit for that price. I figured the $650 might be an imaginary number since the stuff is always on sale. I'll post the suit here when I get it and if you guys like it I'll keep it, I'll need more than one suit eventually anyway. I live in Michigan so I will try to see if those stores are here, I'll probably have to go to Somerset which is the only real upscale mall in the metro Detroit area, I think they have a Neimann Marcus there.


Is Von Maur any good? They were trying to sell me a Joseph Abboud suit.

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