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Why so many members of this forum got expelled?

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Frequent reasons?
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Sex with minors...
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Sex with miners...
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Both make sense, thanks.
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Originally Posted by Europe View Post

Frequent reasons?


This is a very good question but overall I think it is a good idea.   I used to spaz out here and I'd spaz out in laughter and spaz out even more when I found out I was banned while being very highly intoxicated.   Those were good times but in all honesty I would not be surprised there is a bit of ego going on whereas some common boards who would not ban you or kick you this paticular forum not just in clothing but also style as in mindset.  More or less talking about the decorum/vibe of the forum.  At first I thought this forum was too uptight but was misguided and then played on that false notion by acting as if this forum was strictly a black tie affair event then I was blasted as pretentious which was funny because 2 years ago someone not sure the name was also acting very uppity/high brow which I took as a good sign because as a little boy I used to live in a REAL MANSION made of old stone the kind from old money and not the Mcmansion rich over night wealth.   


I thought they could sense this but they took it the wrong way so I had to speak low brow like a commoner.  But either way I was not treated fairly but I deserved what they did to my original account and banned me.   So the best way to stay within the norm on this board I suggest the following:


A.   Don't bullshit

B.  I hate the word trolling as people take it to mean different things. Some equate the word "trolling" as a "lie" or "attention getter".   So even if the news you have is cutting edge and you want to share it and are new here then suspect someone has the bullshit spotlight on your comments.


Instead now I come here as if going to a bar.  If I talk crap then I expect to be in a bar fight(ban)  

A good example of me not talking crap was before the ban was in and I was wanting to know if anyone else used the tailor in Washington D.C. who is famous for dressing up many of the P.O.T.U.S.    I asked this because one time durring lunch Amerikajinda showed the tailor shop to me and I was very impressed to get a custom suit made there by the old guy who owns the place.  (He was very old at the time so I am sure he has passed away **RIP** )


But even after a few days that thread was deleted when in fact it had everything to do with style and stuff all related to this board.  



My advice.

Even though you just might be a secret celebrity clothier or a newbie to this forum either way I'd advise you to not to get EMO.  Also do not post often in 1 day.

I was bored and many threads appealed to me as I was learning a lot from this board so I posted a lot and well  in one day posted 65 times and that was not good.


I think posting 15-20 times is about average for the average person who visits boards per day.


What I do like to see are fashion debates.  Some take fashion debates to be a universal truth but sometimes maybe it is just for their town city or state.

Some people hate white socks.   LOL!!!

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caught wearing shit from express and/or a&f
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The keep trying to sell me credit card numbers, passports, and kitchen counters.

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