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Hugo Boss Pasolini vs Paolini???

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Does anyone know the difference, or more specifically how Paolini stacks up against Pasolini?

Pasolini is common in these parts, at nordstroms, Macy's, etc. Paolini crept up out of nowhere and I have recently saw it at Nordstrom Rack at heavy discount.

At first glance it's the same thing then you realize it's missing an S and is made in Turkey not in US. Fit is similar. Is it just as good or worse quality?
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Bump, where's a Boss Outlet Mngr when you need one
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I would like to take this opportunity to response to the initital inquiry.


The Paolini and Pasolini are in essence the same suit featuring a single breasted, 2 button side vented relaxed fitting suit style. The interior lining and under collar features a special contrast to the exterior fabrication.


The difference between the PASOLINI and PAOLINI is the fact that the latter is produced in higher quantities which then results in a discounted Retail price.


The PASOLINI is still manufactured in the HUGO BOSS Cleveland facility and is a MADE IN THE US product.

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Well thank you, Custmer Service, for the response. And for joining the forum to assist me. A true customer service all star.
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i recently bought a paolini says made in usa, is that real and how would you know if it wasn't



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Wil the two suits fit the same? If I've tried on the Paolini and it fits, will the Pasolini fit the same?

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